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How to Make Your Garden a Family Recreation: 10 Ideas

We will find out what should be in the garden in order for it to become a favorite resting place for both adults and children.

If you want to spend time on your site with the whole family, getting real pleasure from this, you should consider some details before the stage of landscape design, landscaping certain areas of interest and foreseeing possible problems.

Arrangement of a personal plot

  • Pool or garden pond
  • Rest area and gazebo
  • B-B-Q
  • Bench in the garden
  • Car wash
  • Bike Lane
  • Ice slide
  • Playground
  • Own beach
  • To the sunset

Pool or garden pond

A classic gathering place for all family members, especially in hot weather. The size, depth and quality of the pool is of course highly dependent on budget and landscape options. But, one way or another, even a small reservoir will pay off its investment, especially if you have children, or there is a bathhouse on the site. How good it is to dive into cool water after the steam room!

How to make a garden a place to relax for the whole family: 10 ideas

Rest area and gazebo

This is a must for creating at least primary comfort for the family. A recreation area can be both a traditional gazebo and an open area with a large canopy that can be deployed from time to time.

Secret: Plan the required number of outlets in the recreation area at the design stage. This way you can connect audio equipment, computers and gadgets, as well as make festive illumination without stretching extension cords across the entire area. Be sure to take care of the moisture insulation of the wires and the sockets themselves.

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How to make a garden a place to relax for the whole family: 10 ideas


As close as possible to the recreation area, let there be a place for preparing food. What to build: a place for a fire, a barbecue, a garden fireplace, a stove, hearths, a barbecue or a large-scale summer kitchen with a brazier and a tandoor – it’s up to you. You can also arrange a patio there, especially if the recreation area is located by the garden pond.

How to Make Your Garden a Family Recreation: 10 Ideas

Bench in the garden

Equip a quiet backyard with a table, chairs or a bench – a secluded place where you can come to talk in silence on the phone or, for example, read a book.

Secret: Plant flowering plants, such as roses, next to the bench. A quiet moment alone with yourself surrounded by fragrant flowers will cheer you up. Scented herbs such as thyme and lavender can also be used.

How to make a garden a place to relax for the whole family: 10 ideas

Car wash

This idea is for those who sometimes like to wash their car on their own, take the time to enjoy the sparkling result of their labor.

If you have a parking lot on the site, first of all, you can install a canopy over it, during prolonged rains and snows you will be glad you did it. And secondly, make yourself a car wash. All that is needed for this is to bring water to the parking lot, buy nozzles for a hose or a special spray nozzle for washing, and also equip a drain. It is important that the dirty water does not run into the garden, but go into the gutter or sewer.

Bike Lane

If the size of the site allows, circular garden paths can be arranged for children to ride a bike.

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Ice slide

If the winter turns out to be snowy, you can even fill the ice slide.

Advice: do not build a snow slide on the lawn, such a load can significantly damage it, it is best to make the base of the slide on a paved area. If the site has a natural slope, you can use it by designing an additional path. In the summer you will only have an additional trail, while in the winter it can be covered with snow, flooded with water and turned into an ice slope.


If you play sports and teach children to sports, do not forget to take this into account when designing your garden. The classic minimum program is a horizontal bar and a basketball hoop on the site. Then you can fantasize what kind of sport you like? You can arrange a secluded and flower-surrounded area for yoga and meditation, put a bench for the press, even a tennis court – all this will make your garden a favorite place not only for relaxation, but also for practicing a variety of sports.

How to make a garden a place to relax for the whole family: 10 ideas

Own beach

If there are children, why not make them a sandbox? And let’s not forget about a comfortable sun lounger. How about combining these ideas into one, we can safely say, brilliant? Just imagine, your small beach on your personal plot, here you have sand, sunbeds, and sand castles – beauty! Especially if the site has a pool or garden pond, there will be no limit to the delight of your children.

How to do it: you need to choose an open sunny area that is not blocked by trees. Let the “sandbox” be at least 3×3 meters. Mark the beach border with bumpers or flower beds, fill it with sand, taking care of the level, drainage and drainage, so that the sand does not spread with water, and dirt does not flow down to the beach from the entire site. Well, this is the job of landscape designers, and yours is to sunbathe!How to make a garden a place to relax for the whole family: 10 ideas

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To the sunset

Unless the whole view is obscuring a huge neighbor’s cottage, and you do not live in a dark forest, somewhere on your site there should be a sunset. Decorate this place by making it a nook for contemplation, meditation or evening gatherings with a glass of wine. It can be just a bench, swing or armchairs on the balcony, a gazebo on stilts, if the bushes on the ground block the view … Believe me, if your garden has a gorgeous view of the sunset, it will invariably become a place of relaxation for the whole family. published by econet.ru

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