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How to prepare gardening tools for winter storage

We will tell you how to properly prepare the tool for winter storage so that the owner’s assistants are ready for work in the spring.

When cold weather sets in, a lot of work in the country house and in the personal plot stops until spring. It becomes necessary to preserve, remove all tools available in the household.

“Wintering” garden tools

All owners of private houses and dachas usually have a lot of tools: a petrol cutter, a lawn mower, rakes, hoes, shovels, chainsaws … All this must be carefully preserved for the winter to ensure safety.

A solid and roomy barn will be an ideal option for storing all inventory. However, we note right away that there is a significant difference between storing tools in a private house, where they live all year round, and a dacha, where the owners come in winter only occasionally. In the latter case, it may turn out that the barn is an unreliable storage place, it is easy to open it. If the summer cottage is uninhabited in winter, we advise you to transfer all the tools to the house, which is always best protected from thieves.

How to prepare gardening tools for winter storage

The easiest way to prepare hand power tools for winter storage:

  • Rakes, shovels, hoes, saws and other garden tools must be thoroughly washed and dried.
  • It is imperative to repair what has fallen into disrepair during the active summer season – change cuttings, remove rust, sharpen. In the spring you will have no time to do this.
  • Wooden parts, cuttings, can be greased with sunflower oil if you are afraid that they will crack during the winter.
  • It is advisable to lubricate metal parts with machine oil and wrap them in homemade covers made of rags.

Important! During winter storage, all tools should be kept as dry as possible without touching the ground.

How to prepare gardening tools for winter storage

It is more difficult to prepare tools that have an engine for the winter: gas trimmers, chainsaws, motor cultivators, lawn mowers, and so on. We advise you to adhere to the following rules:

  • Clean tools from dirt and dust.
  • All fuel must be drained and the tool allowed to idle a little to ensure that the tank is dry.
  • We also drain the engine oil that has already been used. Instead, we fill in fresh so that the engine does not remain dry for the winter. The oil used, by the way, can be used to thoroughly wipe all parts that came into contact with the ground, wood, grass.
  • The spark plugs must be unscrewed, cleaned of carbon deposits and then replaced to prevent debris from entering the combustion chamber.
  • Check all filters, replace if necessary.
  • It is advisable to store the tools hanging on the wall. A reliable shelf will do, though.

How to prepare gardening tools for winter storage

The owners have big questions about the storage of welding inverters. Many people believe that it is generally impossible to leave them in an unheated room, they bring them into the house or take them with them to a city apartment.

In fact, according to user reviews, inverters can safely tolerate storage in a garage or shed.

Important! In this case, you cannot immediately start using the welding inverter, which was brought from the street into a warm room. Condensation forms on it due to temperature changes. Let the device warm up, dry first. Otherwise, there is a high probability of failure of the inverter due to moisture ingress and short circuit.

How to prepare gardening tools for winter storage

For electric battery technology, you need to remove the battery, clean its terminals and recharge. We remove the battery itself, it cannot be stored at sub-zero temperatures. And the tool is possible, until spring nothing will happen to it in the shed.

The main rule regarding the use of a power tool brought from a cold room to a warm one is the same as in the case of an inverter – you need to wait at least two hours!

How to prepare gardening tools for winter storage

In general, the principles of storing tools in winter are simple: everything is clean, dry, oiled, in its place, the batteries are warm, the fuel is completely drained. We are sure that you, as zealous owners, will make sure that home helpers are ready for work in the spring.

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