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How to protect your garden from pets

Many people simply cannot imagine life in the country without pets. We will learn how to protect green spaces from the attacks of cats and dogs.

As practice shows, the garden, beds and flower beds also need protection from the mustachioed-tailed inhabitants of the site! Let’s talk about how to protect green spaces from the attacks of cats and dogs.

Protecting garden plants from pets

How to protect yourself from other people’s cats and dogs, it is clear – a reliable fence! High enough so that even a large dog does not jump over, solid, on the foundation so as not to dig underneath. And how to protect yourself from your own pets, beloved, seemingly well-mannered, but harmful to plantings?

Actually, you can apply the same method! Set aside a separate place for the dog, an area where he can run, play, dig holes, equip a toilet. It is clear that you can build an aviary for a street pet, but you still have to release a dog from it. Therefore, do not plant everything with beds and flower beds, leave a place for the dog where she can frolic calmly without angry shouts of the owners. And fence him off!

With cats, for whom even a high wooden fence is not an obstacle, it is more difficult. They will walk all over the site, unless you build a cat patio.

How to protect your garden from pets

In general, immediately train your four-legged pet to “do your own thing” in one place. It is advisable to build something like a sandbox with a column in the center – for males. And constantly, purposefully point out to the dogs that this is where you can go to the toilet. Remember, dog and cat feces are not fertilizers at all! They harm plants. A flower bed on which a dog regularly raises its paw will simply burn out, and a tree trunk exposed to such attacks will turn black.

By the way, representatives of the feline family can also arrange a special sandbox toilet. They love dry, soft soil to dig a hole, so this special area will definitely be appreciated.

How to protect your garden from pets

Dogs are the guards of their territory. Therefore, they like to control it, running along the fence, barking at neighbors and other people’s pets, inadvertently approaching their perimeter. Therefore, experts advise to equip a special dog path along the fence. No more than a meter wide. You can additionally fence this path with a picket fence, so that the dog runs exactly where it is needed, without trampling the beds and flower beds.

How to protect your garden from pets

Make the beds and flower beds raised. The dog will definitely not want to jump over such a barrier, and the likelihood that the cat wants to equip a toilet here or just lie around is less.

In addition, simple moistening of the earth helps against the invasions of a cat on flower beds. Cats do not like moisture and will not roll on wet ground. Do not flood, just spray the garden and flower bed in the evening or early morning so that the cat does not play games here at the peak of its activity.

How to protect your garden from pets

All cats sharpen their claws. And if a large tree with a thick bark suffers very little from this, then a small and still tender seedling may wither. Protect it by fencing or wrapping the trunk. Experts advise planting thorny plants such as barberry, wild rose, heather around such trees that have become the object of attention of pets.

Plants with a strong aroma, such as lemongrass, lavender, rue, rosemary, garden geranium, dog coleus, wormwood, scare away dogs and cats well. For animals, their aroma is unpleasant, you get a living barrier in front of the beds with tomatoes or cucumbers. In addition, the smell of bitter pepper strongly affects animals – here’s another version of the green border that they will not cross.

How to protect your garden from pets

Easy ways to ward off cats from the garden include using coffee grounds. The striped mustaches do not like her, but for plants this is just a useful fertilizer. In addition, plantings can be covered with mulch from cones or large shavings, and paths can be made of gravel – for the soft paws of cats this will be an unpleasant sensation that can discourage the animal from visiting these areas.

How to protect your garden from pets

High-tech ways to ward off dogs and cats from the beds include motion-sensing splinklers. These are water sprinklers that will accurately release jets when someone approaches them at a certain distance. Cats, to put it mildly, do not like being sprayed with water, so one or two unpleasant lessons will wean your pet from walking near the sprayer.

In addition, you can purchase an ultrasonic repeller that will work against everyone – moles, hares, foxes, dogs and cats.

How to protect your garden from pets

Of course, it is necessary to act in relation to pets using humane methods, persistently and at the same time affectionately teaching them to order. “We are responsible for those we have tamed” are not just words. Therefore, equipping the site to your liking, doing landscape design, breaking up the beds and flower beds, do not forget about the four-legged pet, which also needs a place in your yard. published by econet.ru

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