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How to quickly relieve headaches without pills

Nobody is immune to headaches. She may come suddenly or act incrementally. A special head massage will help you cope with headaches. It is easy to perform and has almost no contraindications. In addition – a few more tips on how to remove a headache.

When the headache strikes, we habitually grab the life-saving pill and take it. Is it possible to get rid of a headache without medication? Massage will be an effective method in this case. The advantage of the proposed type of massage is the almost complete absence of contraindications, with the exception of increased temperature (when there is an infection in the body).

We perform a head massage

Here is a step-by-step guide to head massage for headaches.

1. Massage the entire scalp area with your fingertips (as we do when washing). The movements are light, the duration is from 4 to 6 minutes. If desired, you can gradually increase the pressure on the skin with your fingers.

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2. In the place where the neck passes into the base of the skull, we find paired, vertically located cervical muscles. There is a point between them. We throw our head back and vigorously massage this point for 3 minutes (eyes closed).

How to quickly relieve headaches without pills

3. Close our eyes, symmetrically massage the temples with the middle and forefingers (circular movements). We breathe in the air deeply, hold our breath and exhale. We carry out the breathing exercise 3-5 times, now the eyes can be opened.

4. We take a wooden comb and comb our hair in different directions.

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5. Brush your hair so that the hair is parted. Movements with the fingertips will be performed. Place the thumbs behind the auricles. The hands rest on these fingers. Circular movements are performed with all fingers, except for the thumbs. When we move towards the top of the head, the skin should shift slightly. The pressure increases smoothly. If you follow the recommendations exactly, blood circulation will improve (this will be indicated by a feeling of warmth and slight redness of the skin).

6. We pull our hair lightly, then with effort. This will improve blood flow to the hair follicles and scalp. We carry out the action without fanaticism, so as not to feel pain from pulling the hair.

7. Stroking ourselves on the head.

8. Moving in the direction from the forehead to the back of the head, we go through tapping movements along the surface of the head.

9. Comb the hair with the same wooden comb.

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What to do if headache in the evening? Professor Bubnovsky’s advice

  • Drink a glass of water.
  • Stretch the muscles of the back of the neck with your palms, then make stroking movements here from the back of the head down, as if shaking something off the head.
  • Gently pull your hair in all directions.
  • Apply a cold compress to the back of your neck. For this, a napkin moistened with water, a frozen plastic bottle filled with water (we roll the bottle around the neck) is suitable.
  • Perform at a tempo (1 movement in 1 sec.) A series of 10 push-ups from the table / wall (exhale while straightening the arms). Between the series, we make 3 full exhalations and a sip of water. We carry out as many series as possible. Push-ups activate blood flow through the cervical vessels.
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After these simple exercises, the headache will leave you.

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