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How to remove the sides: 7 exercises to lose weight on the lower back

The proposed exercises for the lower back zone help to strengthen the spine, work out the extensor muscles, the lumbar and lats, and form a beautiful posture. In addition, they stretch the spine effectively fight fat in the lower back.

Is it possible to remove excess fat in the lower back by connecting to physical activity? If you want to fully “pump” the muscles in the lower back, it is important to choose the right exercises. Each of the exercises described is performed on average 7 times. Add 1 new exercise to the next workout. The signal that you are moving in the right direction will be a pleasantly tired feeling in the muscles. The norm will be the execution of this complex in a day. The number of approaches in the exercises is individual.

7 exercises for the lower back

1. Deadlift + dumbbells

  • Before the power load, we slightly “warm up”.
  • Starting position – standing straight, feet slightly apart.
  • We hold dumbbells near the lateral surface of the hips.

How to remove the sides: 7 exercises to lose weight on the lower back

2. Hyperextension

  • Starting position – lying on your stomach.
  • Gently raise and lower the upper body region.
  • We fix ourselves at the top point for 3-5 seconds. The back is straight, the head is not thrown back.

How to remove the sides: 7 exercises to lose weight on the lower back

3. Plank

  • Starting position – kneeling, rest on palms and elbows. The elbows form a right angle.
  • Straighten the legs one by one – socks on the floor.
  • The body is a straight line: the bar. We fix this position in 5-10 seconds.
  • In turn, we go down one knee, then the second knee.
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After one approach, a rest period is required. It lasts twice as long as stress. Breathing is calm.

How to remove the sides: 7 exercises to lose weight on the lower back

4. Boat

5. Cat

  • Starting position – standing on all fours with an emphasis on your knees and palms.
  • Smoothly bend your back up, then bend down. And so 7 times.

How to remove the sides: 7 exercises to lose weight on the lower back

6. Mill

  • Starting position – standing upright.
  • Exhaling, we make a bend and touch the toes of the opposite leg with our fingers in turn.
  • We direct the other hand up at the same time.
  • Done at an accelerated pace 10 times.

7. Exercise with fitball

  • We lie down on the ball with our stomach, legs and arms are freely lowered. We feel how the spine and lumbar muscles are stretched.
  • We lie in this position for several minutes, rolling the ball a little over the surface of the abdomen.
  • We move the body progressively up and down, arms outstretched, abdominal focus on the ball.
  • We carry out 7 times.

Important! In this case, a doctor’s consultation is required.

These exercises will help form a beautiful posture and remove fat deposits in the back area.

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