How to replace one ingredient for another in a recipe: Golden Tips from a Chef

In her favorite food cookbook, chef Nellie Fischer advises to be creative when you are missing an ingredient, try to find a similar substitute for it. Many of the alternatives offered by the chef are very successful combinations of products.

Every housewife has had to deal with a situation where there is a wonderful recipe, but your kitchen is missing one single important ingredient. And there is no way to buy it right now. What to do – run around the city in search of the coveted product, or even cancel the preparation of this dish?

Replacing one ingredient in a dish with another: a memo for housewives

Or such a situation: you are on a diet or you have food intolerances, and are forced to refuse some dish, again because of one ingredient …

In her cookbook Food You Want, Chef Nellie Fischer advises getting creative: if an ingredient is missing, don’t back down, just try to find a profitable substitute. Let’s call this an adaptation of classic recipes to healthier ones.

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Many of the alternatives that Chef Nelly Fischer has to offer are just the perfect combination of products. This does not change the essence of the dish, only the taste differs slightly. For example, coconut cream is a great alternative to heavy milk cream, but there is one caveat – if you plan to whip them, refrigerate before that.

So, what products can be safely replaced and what exactly.

How to replace one ingredient for another in a recipe: Golden Tips from a Chef

Bakery products

  • Replace the butter with coconut
  • Replace milk cream with coconut cream
  • We replace milk with almond or any milk of plant origin.
  • We replace white refined sugar with brown sugar or dates (pre-chopped).
  • Replace wheat flour with gluten-free flour + ½ teaspoon xanthan gum per cup flour
  • Xanthan gum is a natural stabilizer that replaces gluten and gives the dough elasticity. It happens that xanthan has already been added to gluten-free flour (read on the package
  • Replace the almond flour with finely ground almonds.
  • We replace 1 egg with 3 tablespoons of ground flax seeds mixed with 6 tablespoons of water.
  • Replace tapioca starch with potato starch.
  • Chia seeds or flax seeds – in many recipes, you can safely ignore them. If they play an important role in the recipe, this will be indicated.
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How to replace one ingredient for another in a recipe: Golden Tips from a Chef


  • Replace pine nuts with chopped macadamia nuts, cashews or peanuts
  • Replace almonds with pecans or walnuts
  • Replace minced beef with minced turkey or chicken
  • Black cod is replaced by Chilean sea bass or any oily fish
  • We replace halibut with flounder, haddock or any white fish
  • Chickpea flour is replaced with rice flour
  • Glass noodles are replaced with thin rice noodles
  • Replace nutritional yeast with grated Parmesan
  • Replace olive oil with coconut oil (melt it).

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Vegetables and greens

  • Replace grated zucchini with grated carrots
  • Pumpkin replaced by squash or zucchini
  • Replace red onions with white onions
  • Replace basil with cilantro or parsley
  • We replace the kale with romaine lettuce, either chicory or spinach
  • We replace fresh garlic with garlic powder (in a 2: 1 ratio)
  • Physalis is replaced with cranberries, raisins or dried cherries
  • We replace the applesauce with banana, baked pumpkin puree, sweet potato or carrot puree is also suitable.

How to replace one ingredient for another in a recipe: Golden Tips from a Chef

Spices and sauces

  • Replace soy sauce with tamari
  • Replace Hoisin sauce with BBQ sauce
  • We replace fish sauce with soy sauce or tamari
  • Replace sake with mirin
  • We replace capers with chopped olives
  • We replace the vinegar indicated in the recipe with any vinegar except balsamic.

Keep this handy memo to yourself. It will come in handy when you decide to please your loved ones and cook something delicious. What if at this moment there is no necessary product in your kitchen? But now you don’t have to worry about such trifles. Published by

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