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How to safely whiten your teeth

Beautiful and healthy teeth make your smile more attractive. To maintain their natural whiteness, it is not necessary to run to the dentist: you can use safe and natural activated carbon. A simple remedy is sold in every pharmacy, often used in the production of toothpastes and cosmetics.

Unlike conventional carbon, activated carbon has undergone multi-stage purification using high temperatures. It has micropores that absorb toxins and waste products of bacteria. In the manufacture, only natural materials are used, so this method of bleaching has no contraindications.

Teeth whitening at home

How to clean your teeth with activated charcoal

Coffee, strong tea and many food products stain the tooth enamel, leading to its darkening. Plaque accumulates on the teeth, which causes an unpleasant odor and the growth of pathogenic bacteria, and provokes gum inflammation. It cannot be removed with daily hygienic cleaning: the molecules are firmly absorbed into microcracks.

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Activated carbon is a high-quality absorbent with high activity and absorbing properties. It is a product of burning the remains of natural wood, coconut peel and common stone mineral. Under the influence of oxygen, the atoms change their structure, forming hollow pores.

How to safely whiten your teeth

If it hits the surface of the teeth, activated carbon penetrates into the upper layer of enamel, actively absorbs toxins and dirt particles. It collects carbon molecules, which are found in large quantities in poisons, toxins and decay products. Cleansing is gentle and easy without damage or discomfort.

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Teeth whitening methods

It is necessary to understand that the natural preparation does not have whitening properties: it absorbs harmful substances and plaque, so teeth visually look cleaner and whiter. The advantages of this method:

  • the unpleasant odor disappears;
  • the risk of developing caries, stomatitis decreases;
  • gum inflammation decreases;
  • the local microflora in the oral cavity improves.
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The most practical way of whitening is to sprinkle powder from one activated charcoal tablet on the toothbrush during hygienic cleaning. You can use any paste as recommended by your dentist. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to mix the preparation with a few drops of lemon juice.

Whitening teeth with activated charcoal is safe for the body, but may temporarily increase sensitivity to hot and cold drinks. Therefore, do the procedure in short courses, reduce the use of coffee, black tea and red wine, which changes the color of a smile. Published by

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