How to shine without shine on your face. 10 life hacks for oily skin

A shiny face with clogged pores and pimples dotted with skin is not beautiful. However, such skin ages later – albeit small, but consolation. And to improve its appearance, follow our tips.

1. Cleansing pores
Cleansers that simply wipe your face without rinsing are not suitable for this skin type. It’s all about deep pores, which cannot be cleaned with one wipe. A mousse or gel that lathers is another matter. This product will provide deep cleaning of the pores. And then you can wipe it off.

2. Toning

Whatever you use to cleanse, the final step before applying the cream is toning. The toner removes cleaning agent residues and restores the pH. And it can also produce a number of additional effects, if you took care of this when buying and purchased a product with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic or porosity-reducing properties.

3. Peeling with acids

In principle, everyone should forget about the mechanical method of cleaning the skin (scrubs, brushes). This is a traumatic, superficial procedure that has no therapeutic effect. Acids are another matter – they exfoliate, deeply cleanse, narrow pores, inhibit the activity of the sebaceous glands. Of all the acids, BHAs are the best for oily and problem skin.

4. Clay masks

The next masthead for oily skin is clay masks. Clay, regardless of color, is absorbent, that is, a product with high absorbent properties. Nevertheless, green and black clays behave best on oily skin – they clean the pores deeply and have an antiseptic effect.

5. Essential oils

Home-made masks, the same clay masks, can and should be enriched. For example, essential oils, phytoncides of which have anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. For oily skin, tea tree oil, rosemary, sage and lavender are best.

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6. No alcohol
Avoid cosmetics containing alcohol. Yes, alcohol dries and disinfects, but it stimulates the work of the pores, which in response to its aggressive action begin to work more actively, thus releasing even more fat.

7. Do not squeeze out

Do not touch pimples with your hands. Instead of one squeezed out, ten new ones will appear. You can also get an infection. Better to use drying antiseptics. For example, tea tree oil or any other.

8. More moisture

Can oily skin be dry? This is most often the case. And the lack of moisture for oily skin is just as dangerous as for dry skin – it will peel off, irritate and age faster. Highlighted moisturizer for oily skin is your everything.

9. Matting

Use matting wipes instead of powder throughout the day. The effect is the same – the elimination of shine. But napkins, unlike powder, do not clog pores or leave a thick layer of plaster on your face.

10. Nutrition
We’re talking about food. For oily skin, nutrition is of particular importance. Fried, flour, sweet, semi-finished products, fast food, animal fats are literally imprinted on the face. And if you still have not switched to a healthy diet and continue to complain about problem skin, start with this point, and do not transfer money to expensive and absolutely useless cosmetics in your case.

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