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How to stay healthy and young: Tips from Elizabeth II’s personal nutritionist

Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain is already 92, but in a year she manages to attend several thousand social and business meetings and is still involved in making the most important decisions on governing the country. The key to her well-being is not only excellent health, but also professional help. Luckily for us, one of Her Majesty’s personal physicians, Dr. Mosaraf Ali, has shared his secrets with a wide audience.

we wrote the most important theses from the book of the personal nutritionist of Elizabeth II “Practices of the East and West for health and longevity.” These are the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle that members of the royal family are guided by.

5 tips from the royal family’s personal physician

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With the right lifestyle, 80% of diseases do not require medical intervention

The main thing that Dr. Ali tries to convey in his book is if you are healthy, your body is able to cope with many problems on its own. Colds, cuts, minor inflammations, injuries and even fractures – in a healthy body, all this goes away quickly and with minimal involvement of doctors.

Our task is to keep our body in orderso that it can cope with external and internal attacks.

How to stay healthy and young: Tips from Elizabeth II's personal nutritionist

How to know how healthy you are

This is what Dr. Ali suggests to be guided by, to understand how fit you are:

  • Physical and mental endurance: healthy people wake up vigorous, spend their day actively and get tired only in the evening.
  • Smooth back: This means that the bones, muscles and nerves of the body are in order.
  • Healthy Sleep: Healthy people fall asleep easily and sleep soundly.
  • A clear look: it speaks of good blood circulation.
  • Good appetite: Healthy people have neither aversion nor a strong desire for food. They eat regularly and with pleasure.
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Wrinkles, circles under the eyes and other “flaws” do not always indicate problems. We all have different genes and physiological characteristics that determine the rate of aging and the severity of its signs. This can be seen in the example of the Duchesses Meghan and Catherine: the fact that one looks a little older does not mean that her health is worse.

Advice: Look for outward signs of health problems first. If you get tired faster, sleep worse, eat less or, conversely, overeat – all this is a reason to consult a doctor.

How to stay healthy and young: Tips from Elizabeth II's personal nutritionist

Health problems can be identified by language

The tongue is an excellent indicator of what is happening inside the body. It can be used to determine the presence of problems:

  • Teeth marks on the edges of the tongue are a sign of gastritis and increased stomach acidity.

  • A reddish tip of the tongue often indicates heart problems and excessive consumption of fast carbohydrates such as chocolate and other sweets.

  • A grayish bloom often accompanies constipation and indicates poor bowel function.

  • Dark red or purple spots are a sign of anemia.

  • A yellow coating and an uneven surface of the tongue can indicate liver problems.

  • Deep lines on the tongue indicate the presence of an ulcer or acute gastritis.

  • A wrinkled tongue with a transparent film of saliva is a signal of a lack of fluid in the body.

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Advice: at least occasionally stick out your tongue when looking in the mirror. If its color has changed, plaque or irregularities have appeared, this is a reason to consult a doctor.

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How to stay healthy and young: Tips from Elizabeth II's personal nutritionist

Nutritional Tips for the Queen of England

Nutrition is the most important component of our health. For those looking to live long lives, Dr. Ali gives the following tips:

  • Choose farm products whenever possible.
  • Eat fresh fruits and vegetables instead of canned ones.
  • Eat enough protein. For vegetarians, tofu, cottage cheese, almond milk and more can replace animal protein.
  • Swap fruit juices for carrot, celery, apple, and ginger juices.
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of water daily.
  • Eat less red meat – replace it with chicken or turkey.
  • Avoid yeast foods, fried foods, cheese, mushrooms, and citrus fruits (except for oranges and tangerines). Eat as little salt as possible.
  • Practice a fasting day once a week: eat only fruit and vegetable soups and drink water.

Advice: watch your diet. Perhaps, farm products are not available to everyone, but everyone can give up smoked, fried foods, fast food and unhealthy snacks.

How to stay healthy and young: Tips from Elizabeth II's personal nutritionist

Suitable meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Not only the quantity and quality of the food consumed is important, but also the time of its intake. Dr. Ali gives the following tips for composing your daily diet:

  • In the morning, eat light, but protein-rich foods: eggs, almonds, cottage cheese. They are perfectly complemented by fruits, cereals from any cereals and yoghurts.
  • Lunch, not breakfast, should be your highest calorie meal. The best combination is vegetables + proteins + carbohydrates. For example: salad, steamed turkey and potatoes. For lunch, you can eat a not too sweet dessert.
  • Dinner should be light, preferably finished before 19: 00-20: 00. Avoid spicy, heavy foods and sweets – they take a long time to digest and impair sleep.
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Advice: Plan a weekly menu in advance and take healthy food with you to work. Try to eat “heavy” meals in the morning.

How to stay healthy and young: Tips from Elizabeth II's personal nutritionist

Correct posture is the key to beauty and health

Dr. Ali in his book advises a simple exercise to help keep your back straightabout, – “Alexander’s technique “:

  • Stand up or sit down.
  • Keep your head straight – imagine that someone is pulling it up.
  • Bring your shoulders back so that you are comfortable.
  • Raise your chin until you feel the tension in your shoulders and neck muscles go away.

Advice: use the Alexander Technique as soon as you feel tension in the muscles of your back, neck or shoulders. Repeat it regularly to get the correct posture.

It turns out that the principles of a healthy lifestyle for royalty are not that complicated and are quite suitable for everyone. Do you have any proven recipes for how to look and feel your best? Published by

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