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How to strengthen the lower eyelid

With age, the muscles of the face weaken, the skin gradually sags, the first wrinkles appear. The lower eyelid, bags and puffiness after waking up becomes a problem place for many women. This gives a tired and haggard look, deprives of confidence and mood after looking in the mirror.

It is possible to tighten the lower eyelid without the help of a plastic surgeon and dangerous manipulations. Special exercises restore elasticity to muscle fibers, stimulate blood and oxygen flow, and improve nutrition of problem areas. When performed regularly, a feeling of freshness and a look with which it is easy to conquer others return.

Exercises to strengthen the lower eyelid

Specialists have developed a special gymnastics for the face, which is easy to perform at home. Along with physical activity for the body, it strengthens the muscular corset of the face and the area around the eyes. External signs of aging and early wilting become less noticeable after a few weeks.

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The simplest and most effective exercises for strengthening the lower eyelid:

  • Place your index fingers on the outer corners of the eye and the middle pads on the inner points. Slowly pull the lower eyelid down until a slight muscle tremor appears. Repeat the exercise 10 times without closing your eyes, trying to relax.

How to strengthen the lower eyelid

  • Place your fingers on the above points, and begin to lift the lower eyelid up. Try not to close your eyes or squint to maintain muscle tension and tone. Count to 30 or 40, relax. Repeat several times, gradually increasing the number of repetitions to 5.
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Women over 40 are advised to exercise in the morning and evening. They will more quickly give the desired effect if you combine facial gymnastics with facial treatments: after completion, you can apply a nourishing or anti-aging serum, patches, eye cream.

In case of severe cosmetic defects, bags under the eyes, laxity or puffiness, it is recommended to do the exercises 3 times a day. To enhance the drainage effect, you can add a light massage along the main lines. This will help flush out excess fluid and tighten fine skin.

With severe swelling, exercises to strengthen the lower eyelid can be performed immediately after waking up in the supine position… A pleasant bonus will be a decrease in eye strain during constant work at the monitor, a fresher and clearer look. Published by

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