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How to tone the thighs after losing weight

The thigh area is considered one of the most problematic when it comes to losing weight. An important role in this issue is played by heredity and features of the figure. How to tidy up the hips and make them fit and attractive? Here’s an effective exercise.

There is such a thing as relaxed hips. This applies mainly to women, whose overweight is localized mainly in the lower body, in the area of ​​the hips and knees. If there is significant weight loss, the thinner thighs become less elastic, this also applies to the skin. How can you correct the position and make the hips aesthetic? We offer a powerful exercise specifically for this part of the body.

Exercise for the hips

This exercise for the thighs is doubly effective, because it allows you to spend as many calories as possible and mobilizes the largest, quadriceps, muscle, consisting of 4 muscle bundles. It is important that it is over the quadriceps muscle that unwanted cellulite usually develops. And even small weight loss can reduce it without any problems.

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The proposed exercise is designed to effectively burn calories and at the same time build firm and elastic muscles after losing weight. It fully engages the muscles of the thighs, which makes it stand out from other exercises.

Technique for performing an exercise for the hips

  • Starting position – standing (preferably in front of a mirror).
  • We hold onto the edge of the table, slightly spread our legs and straighten our shoulders.
  • We begin to squat smoothly, bending our legs until the buttocks touch the heels. Then we return to the original position.
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How to tone the thighs after losing weight

The exercise is quite difficult, but it has a great effect. How you do it depends on your weight, body shape, and fitness level. If a person weighs more than 100 kg, it will be difficult for him to perform even one such squat. But don’t be upset.

In this case, it is quite possible to do what you can do. And, gradually losing weight due to diet, you can do one, then two, three, etc. squats a day.

When you get to 15 squats a day, it means that you are already close to your optimal weight. Remember that it is recommended to add 1 set daily.

After reaching the norm of 15 exercises, set a goal for yourself to complete 30 squats, but do not overdo it: the increase in the norm should be gradual. After doing 30 squats a day, you will feel that your thighs have become firmer. And at the same time, 8 muscle bundles will do their job, burning calories around the clock.

This is useful to know. When a person does physical exercise, the muscles burn calories. But even when the exercise is over, the muscle does not stop consuming calories, of course, less than during physical exertion, but continuously, day and night, for as long as 72 hours.

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