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How to veneer a frame house with bricks and other materials

We will find out what are the modern options for cladding a frame house that combine decorative and energy-efficient functions.

One of the important stages in the construction of a frame house is its exterior decoration. The cladding of a frame house, in addition to an aesthetic function, in many cases also performs a much more important thermal insulation. Today there is a huge selection of materials that can be used to sheathe a frame house from the outside, it is possible to make a start in the choice of these materials only from one’s own preferences.

Facing a frame house

Each material is good in its own way and has some peculiarities when used. So, you can use materials for cladding a frame house such as brick, wood, vinyl siding, thermal panels, plaster, painting, etc.

If you like a brick finish, then brick is also acceptable for cladding a frame house. It is better to choose a special clinker (front) brick. Facing a frame house with clinker tiles has a number of advantages. It is more durable than ordinary brick, more durable and has protective properties: it does not damp and does not absorb water, which will have a good effect on the durability of the structure as a whole. There is a huge selection of such bricks, they differ in color, shape and texture.

The brick must be laid on the same foundation with the frame, therefore, even at the stage of pouring, the foundation should be expanded and its bearing capacity increased. It is very important to leave a gap of 3-5 cm between the wall of the house and the brickwork. It is necessary for normal air circulation. During construction, you should not tie the frame, which will not shrink in any case, and a brick fur coat, which will shrink throughout the year.

At the same time, it is best to make a decision at the design stage of the house as to what type of finish you choose, since this can affect the technical characteristics of the foundation and frame.

Ventilated facades are a type of external cladding in which the cladding material is fixed to the frame using a special aluminum profile. In this case, it is assumed that there is a gap between the walls of the frame and the outer cladding, which has a positive effect on maintaining the surface of the material and preventing various corrosion due to good ventilation.

Facing the facades of frame houses of this type has a number of advantages: no need to prepare the walls of a frame house for facing works; organization of work at any time of the year and regardless of weather conditions; ventilated facades do not require special maintenance, the finishing material can simply be washed several times a year.

These types of cladding include: cladding a frame house with thermal panels, siding, porcelain stoneware, stone tiles, facing glass.

How to veneer a frame house with bricks and other materials

Siding is the most suitable type of decoration for a frame house. It is distinguished by its simplicity and relative cheapness. Siding can be vinyl or metal. Both materials have their merits.

So, vinyl siding is characterized by lightness in comparison with other materials, protects from water, but is not very resistant to low temperatures and extremes. Also reacts strongly to direct sunlight.

Metal siding, on the other hand, is resistant to low temperatures and extremes, and is durable. Has an anti-corrosion coating. At the same time, it gets very hot in the sun and makes noise when it rains.

How to veneer a frame house with bricks and other materials

An equally common way of facing a frame house is to use wooden siding (lining) and also a block house and a raised beam. These are the most environmentally friendly types of materials, they are easy to install and make it possible to do without the external skin of the frame, since the timber can be attached directly from the inside to the racks of the frame structure.

At the same time, one should not forget that when choosing this type of wall cladding, you need to treat it with an antiseptic and be very careful when choosing the type of material: it is better to choose light and hard wood species and well-dried wood so that it shows as little shrinkage as possible. Ideal options are pine, beech or larch.
The cladding can be done both vertically and horizontally – a matter of your taste. Do not forget about the need to paint and impregnate the wood.

How to veneer a frame house with bricks and other materials

This method of cladding solves 2 problems at once: it insulates the walls of the house and completes the external finish. Thermal panels come in a variety of colors and textures, but they all have a layer of insulation and an external decorative layer.

Basalt, expanded polystyrene, polyurethane foam are used as insulation in their manufacture. Outside, clinker bricks or tiles can be used, as well as slabs imitating the cladding of a frame house with artificial stone.

Thermal panels are glued to the frame using polyurethane foam glue or polyurethane foam.

In addition, ordinary plaster can be used to decorate a frame house. Most often, this is a temporary measure, since with this method, the seams between the frame panels, even if they are closed with decorative elements, will give new cracks. After simple plastering, it is best to paint the surface or apply a layer of decorative plaster.

Coating with thin-layer polymeric materials is also often used. But such materials have an acrylate or polyurethane base and are not very resistant to environmental influences.

In addition, artificial stone is often used to finish the frame. It is produced in the form of panels that are very easy to install and replace if damaged. published by econet.ru

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