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Ideal fifth point: 5 golden exercises

Every girl dreams of an elastic and attractive “butt”. Unfortunately, nature has not presented such a gift to everyone. But the solution to the problem is in our hands! With the help of these five exercises, you can quickly get your buttocks in order and make them extraordinarily attractive.

Ideal fifth point: 5 golden exercises

A set of 5 exercises with the meaningful name “Brazilian ass” will help make this part of the body seductive and aesthetic. Here is a detailed description of these simple exercises. They don’t require any special tools or skills.

Exercises for toned buttocks

Everyone knows that Latin American women are famous for their unusually attractive buttocks. How do they manage to achieve the stunning appearance of their fifth point? What’s their secret? Popular fitness instructor Leonardo Cavalho from Brazil is convinced that the proposed exercises guarantee a so-called Brazilian butt. It is enough to devote only five minutes a day to training sessions.

Ideal fifth point: 5 golden exercises

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No. 1. “Plie”

Starting position: We put our feet slightly wider than the shoulders, arms raised in different directions. We squeeze the muscles of the buttocks and perform the squat in such a way that the knees do not go beyond the conditional border of the toes. At the same time, we put our hands straight in front of us. We stay in this position for two seconds, after which we take the original position. We do 20 repetitions.

Ideal fifth point: 5 golden exercises

No. 2. “Squat to the side”

Starting position: We put our feet together, the toes are directed forward, the arms are in different directions. We carry out the transfer of the weight of the whole body to the left leg, bending at the same time the knee at an angle within 45 ° – 90 °, and with the right leg at the same time we slide to the side, counting to 4… Smoothly return the legs to their original position, counting again to 4. Perform 20 times for both legs.

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Ideal fifth point: 5 golden exercises

No. 3. “Squats + hook”

Starting position: We put our feet shoulder-width apart, arms – in different directions. We bend the knees to make it comfortable, the weight is transferred to the heels. Raise the right leg, directing it back, keeping the hips in a compressed state, and bend forward and straighten our arms at the same time. We accept the original position. We perform 20 times for both legs.

No. 4. “Lunge”

Starting position: We put our feet shoulder-width apart, toes point forward. We squat so that the knees are bent at an angle of 90 °. Take a step back with your left foot, while making an intense lunge… The right hand is directed along the thigh and touches the floor. Raise the left hand to the face, the palm is directed outward. We accept the original position. We perform 20 repetitions on both sides.

Ideal fifth point: 5 golden exercises

No. 5 “Active attack”

Starting position: Lunge with your left foot, knee at 90 ° just above the ankle. The right knee is directed to the floor. We vigorously jump up, pushing off with two legs. In the jump, we change the supporting leg and, we land, standing in a lunge. We carry out 20 times for both sides.

These exercises will help you form a taut and firm “butt point” without much difficulty. It is enough to devote five minutes daily to this gymnastics, and after a while you will feel a positive effect. published by

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