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Illness: an opportunity to receive clues from life

Modern medicine and science consider disease to be a problem that needs to be addressed. Yes, illness is an unpleasant condition and you want to get rid of it, but why is it called a problem? We believe that illness is a call from our body that something has been done wrong. Every time a person is sick, he gets the opportunity to get rid of the accumulated harmful substances in the body.

Remember what happens to you when you catch a cold? The body sweats and the body requires a lot of fluids. And when recovery comes, a completely new sensation of the surrounding world comes: it became easier to breathe, to think easier, the body seemed to be renewed. In other words, any disease is an opportunity to get rid of harmful and unnecessary substances from the body and bring the biochemical reactions inside to the most correct state.

Diseases are given to a person with a good purpose

Diseases always have causes. Even the location of the disease can point us to a possible cause. And like any other process, it has the following stages of inception: at the psychoemotional level, mental and only then – physical. The disease appears only when the insoluble emotions of the past are already in a neglected state and it comes, to signal a significant problem inside and it’s time to get rid of the gravitational state. After all, it is not in vain that after a physical cure, we also feel a mental cure.

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But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer. Yes, sometimes such life periods cannot be avoided. However, it is necessary to change your attitude towards the disease. This is where your healing will begin. Take the time and energy to understand why it appears in your body. If it does not work out, then you can turn to your loved ones for help. There are also several books that accurately describe the causes of specific diseases. But finding out the reason is not yet realizing it. In general, getting rid of the disease is a work for your soul: it must gain experience and become stronger through such a test.

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Illness: an opportunity to receive clues from life

Treating symptoms with medication is not a cure.

You can “knock” her down this way; it can change its location. But the true cure is the cure from working with oneself. Do not suppress diseases with drugs and do not start them. As soon as the symptoms appear – pay attention. Sometimes even such a simple step helps very well in preventing illness.

The symptoms are important.

They are like keys that can open new doors in knowing yourself. How many times have you noticed that an outwardly absolutely pleasant person, getting sick, changes the idea of ​​himself in your eyes? As if before you did not notice at all its shortcomings. But they are; in the end, the body breaks down and fails in the form of a problem. Learn to accept life as it is. Learn to accept and be aware of the symptoms. This is a very important point.

Sickness is not God’s punishment.

This is part of the natural path of life, when the inner world tells us to stop and think: “Is everything okay inside me?” In the bustle of the modern world, this question is being raised more and more often; it is enough just to look at the increased number and variety of diseases. Health problems appear precisely at those moments when we stop living to our liking, to our heart. When we start living against our inner nature.

At birth, every person has a soul of its own, its own purpose for this life. When we stop following it, go astray, crave the wrong thing, the body reacts. More precisely, its finer structures react first, and only then the disease is visible on the surface in the form of imperfection of the physical body.

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Disease is a tremendous tool in life, a great opportunity to receive clues. Thanks to the respite caused by it, we get the opportunity to stop and think about ourselves. Indeed, in the modern world there are so many distractions: TV, the Internet, a large number of people around, noises from technology, unhealthy obligations, routine work, and so on. Use this tool tip wisely. And our service “body hints” is ready to help you with this. published by

Illustrations by Juan Gatti

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