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Inflammation and excess weight: what prevents you from losing weight?

The inflammatory process triggers a number of undesirable biochemical reactions in the body. As a result of inflammation, insulin resistance, fluid retention, digestive disruptions, and other painful phenomena develop. This is how it promotes excess weight.

Inflammation is a natural immune response of the body, since the task of immunity is to heal and protect it. If you systematically consume foods that cause inflammation of the body tissues, the process enters the chronic stage. And then a number of serious diseases may develop.

Inflammation causes weight gain in this way

How is inflammation and overweight a person related?

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Failure of biochemical processes

  • Inflammation prevents the body from responding to brain signals that promote fat burning, resist stress, and regulate appetite… The brain stops responding to cortisol (stress hormone). As a result, the cortisol level rises, the stress increases, and fat is deposited in the waist area.
  • Resistance to leptin (a hormone that regulates appetite) develops.
  • Inflammation prevents the body from responding normally to adiponectin (a hormone that regulates blood sugar and body fat).
  • Insulin resistance. The hormone insulin is responsible for transporting sugar from the blood to the cells. “Sugar” is also cereal starch, fructose and glucose of fruits and vegetables, lactose in milk. Insulin ensures the absorption of these substances from the blood into the cells, they replenish the body’s energy reserves.

Inflammation and excess weight: what prevents you from losing weight?

But with excessive consumption of sugar (sweets, starch, dairy products) or with inflammation, excess insulin is produced, and it remains in the blood longer than necessary.

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Over time, the cells in the body no longer respond to insulin, and blood sugar becomes steadily elevated. It increases the likelihood of diabetes.… And, instead of using blood sugar to store energy, the body stores it as fat.

Insulin resistance blocks fat cells, making it difficult to lose weight. And tissue inflammation contributes to the development of problems with insulin resistance.

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Retention of excess fluid

Inflammation forces the body to retain excess water, and swelling appears.

Digestive problems

Inflammation in the intestines causes the digestive system to malfunction. With dysbiosis, the content of beneficial bacteria is reduced, and the body is replenished from food with excess calories stored in the form of fat.

Energy deficit

The inflammatory process provokes a persistent feeling of fatigue and lethargy.

If it is important for you to know if your body is undergoing inflammation, you can take a blood test for the presence of a special C-reactive protein. Even a small increase in its content can lead to obesity and excess weight in the long term. In addition, this is a prerequisite for the onset of diabetes mellitus, heart and vascular problems. Published by

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