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Inflammation: Safer Alternatives to Steroids

In medicine, steroid hormones are often used, which stop inflammation of the joints, help with skin diseases. But with prolonged use, they disrupt the hormonal background, the work of the endocrine and immune systems, and have many contraindications. There are natural alternatives that improve human health without side effects.

The use of steroids is justified only in the serious condition of the patient, when other means do not work. They can be addictive and withdrawal, with more dangerous relapse. Therefore, at the initial stage of inflammation, it is necessary to adhere to alternative options without the use of hormones.

How to replace steroids?

In many cases, the use of steroids is not justified, causing more harm than health benefits. Sometimes the problem can be dealt with if you adhere to proper nutrition and a special diet, include certain foods and supplements in the menu.

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At the initial stage, you can stop the inflammatory process with the help of simple and useful recommendations from doctors:

  • Add curcumin to your food. The spice stimulates the immune system and releases natural anti-inflammatory substances that protect against complications and pain.
  • Eliminate foods that provoke exacerbation and inflammation from the diet. Avoid sweets and pastries, flavor enhancers, fatty meats, gluten, and alcohol that increase allergic reactions.

Inflammation: Safer Alternatives to Steroids

  • Eat more healthy foods rich in vitamins, antioxidants and minerals (green tea, vegetables and fruits, low-fat broth).
  • Drink more, give up coffee, soda in favor of pure water. Follow your drinking regimen, do not have strong thirst.
  • Lead an active lifestyle, exercise, dance and swim, move more and walk more. EIt maintains the metabolism at a high level, stimulates the body to remove toxins faster, strengthens blood vessels and heart muscle.
  • Control your weight, avoid obesity. Extra pounds increase the load on sore joints, lead to diabetes and hepatosis.
  • Be sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep a day, create the ideal conditions for a night’s sleep in the bedroom.
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To avoid using steroids during flare-ups, avoid stress. It increases the level of cortisol, starts the disease processes with renewed vigor. Remember to detoxify your body with diet, sauna and other cleansing methods to improve your well-being and regain your activity.

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