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Insidious metabolic syndrome

Most people believe that being overweight is inevitably associated with illness, and that being lean and even thin are signs of bodily well-being. But is it really so? The danger to health is not concealed by obesity as such, but fatty deposits in the tissue of the liver and internal organs. This condition is called “metabolic syndrome”.

Many people associate obesity with poor health, and slimness is considered a sign of normal body functioning. But this connection is not always traced. Let’s not be misled about the dangers of being overweight and the benefits of being thin. The fatal outcome does not occur from obesity per se. And from what happens to the internal organs. A death certificate does not indicate a diagnosis of obesity. It can be “heart attack”, “stroke”, “diabetes”, “cancer”, “cirrhosis of the liver”. These diseases develop as a result of obesity. Again, non-obese patients also die from these ailments.

Thick inside

It is important to understand that the danger is not fraught with obesity itself, but fat deposits in the tissue of the liver and other organs.
This condition is called metabolic syndrome (MS) / syndrome X.

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Fatty liver and organs – the basis of MS

Understanding this is useful for characterizing health and assessing the risk of death without regard to body volume.

There are 2 types of obesity: obesity as a result of the deposition of fat under the skin (causing aesthetic harm to the appearance) and obesity of the liver and organs (not always visible externally). The two obesities are independent of each other and do not show a causal relationship. Obesity of the liver and internal organs causes irreparable damage to health.

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  Insidious metabolic syndrome

You can independently identify the presence of MS / insulin resistance

MS criteria

  • obesity,
  • high blood pressure,
  • diabetes,
  • atherosclerosis,
  • pathology of lipid and cholesterol profile.

The combination or presence of these criteria may vary.

Up to 40% of normal weight people have MS. What does this mean?

That their health leaves much to be desired, and they will not be long-liversThese people look attractive in a T-shirt. But their belly has a dough-like structure to the touch. This is because these people have more fat mass than muscle mass.

Signs of MS

  • Waist coverage for men is 101 cm, for women 89 cm and more.
  • External signs of metabolic status: dark, thickened, corduroy-like skin in the back of the neck, armpits, groin… This is the result of insulin resistance.
  • If a similar condition is observed in a child, it is an alarming sign of diabetes.

  Insidious metabolic syndrome

MS test

We stand facing the wall, take a step forward. If the stomach touches the wall before other areas of the body, it makes sense to have a blood test.

Laboratory diagnostics of MS:

  • blood test for triglycerides,
  • blood sugar on an empty stomach
  • insulin rate on an empty stomach

Slenderness or thinness does not protect against disease. Many, slim on the outside and fat on the inside, people cannot even think that they are at risk for developing MS. This category unexpectedly has strokes, heart attacks, cancer, depression and premature dementia. And vice versa, there is a layer of “voluminous” people whose health is in perfect orderpublished by

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