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Iodine and thyroid function: how to take iodine correctly?

The thyroid gland needs iodine for proper functioning. A beneficial trace element is involved in the production of hormones T3 and T4, important for health. They are responsible for overall well-being and activity, and help control weight and appetite. When they decrease, a person complains of chronic fatigue, gains extra pounds, and often suffers from colds.

Iodine is an important trace element, without which the metabolism and many processes in the body slow down. If a person feels constant weakness and drowsiness, has difficulty absorbing information, suffers from mood swings, it is necessary to check the condition of the thyroid gland and the main hormones. Similar symptoms indicate iodine deficiency.

The benefits of iodine for the thyroid gland

Clinical studies have proven that iodine is essential for the daily functioning of the thyroid gland. It starts the production of hormones, maintains the speed of metabolic processes. It prevents the development of a common disease – thyrotoxic goiter, which accompanies chronic hypothyroidism.

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The most useful and important properties of iodine for humans:

  • normalizes hormonal levels and sex drive;
  • stimulates the development of the brain in the embryo, mental abilities in babies;
  • restores metabolic processes;
  • supports immunity.

Iodine protects the body from pathogenic bacteria and dangerous viruses, reduces the risk of colds, inflammation of the respiratory and digestive organs. Recent observations have proven its effectiveness in the prevention of cancer and mastopathy in women.

Iodine and thyroid function: how to take iodine correctly?

How to take iodine correctly

WHO identifies entire countries where there is a lack of iodine, thyroid cancer, mental retardation of children are more often diagnosed. Regular intake of iodine helps to curb hypertension, control blood pressure, and prevent stomach tumors.

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The best option for correcting the level of iodine in the body is food enriched with a useful component. The largest percentage of the trace element contains seaweed, which can be eaten in the form of a salad, a side dish, or dried powder

It is recommended to include in the menu:

  • seafood;
  • baked potato;
  • turkey meat;
  • chicken and quail eggs;
  • sea ​​fish (mackerel, horse mackerel, tuna, herring).

The minimum daily dose of a medicinal trace element is from 150 mcg. With iodine deficiency, it is increased to 400 mcg, trying to replenish reserves gradually. But we should not forget that foods and supplements are contraindicated in case of iodine allergy, hyperactivity thyroid gland, may be harmful in case of overdose. Published by

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