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Iron deficiency: diagnosis

Insufficient iron in the body is the most common form of disease, which develops in 90% of cases. Regardless of the reasons, iron deficiency leads to malfunctions in the body, deterioration of health, and chronic fatigue. If this condition continues for a long time, then iron deficiency anemia develops. How to identify a lack of iron in the body in the early stages?

The main manifestations of iron deficiency

If you notice such manifestations in yourself, then you should consult a doctor who will conduct an examination and prescribe to donate blood for a general analysis.

Iron deficiency: diagnosis

Pay attention to the indicators:

  • Hemoglobin – normally should be 130 and above;
  • Color index – not less than 0.85;
  • The average level of hemoglobin in erythrocytes is not less than 27 pg;
  • The average volume of erythrocytes is not less than 85 fl;
  • Red blood cell distribution – less than 16%
  • Serum iron index – not less than 20 µmol / l;

In addition, the level of ferritin, a protein that reflects the reserves of iron in the body, can indicate a deficiency. The norm is a ferritin index of at least 70-100 μg / l. But an increase in protein can be not only with a lack of iron, but also with other disorders, for example, in inflammatory processes, so you need to focus on clinical manifestations and characteristic symptoms.

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