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Jumping rope – cardio workout, weight loss and pumping lymph

We all loved jumping rope in childhood. But this is not just fun, but a useful exercise that makes it possible to lose weight, strengthen the heart and normalize lymph flow. There are several variations of jumping rope. Here are some helpful guidelines if you decide to start such a workout.

If you don’t know how to jump rope yet, do a light warm-up before class. Can’t take off cleverly when the rope is spinning? You can jump without it at first. We control our legs, the level of separation from the floor, learn to perform springy, “cat” jumps, landing exactly on toes. You can develop your own jumping rope system.

Skipping rope workout

The jump rope is such a simple and versatile piece of sports equipment! With its help, it is quite possible to lose weight and improve your health.

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We jump rope correctly

  • We begin training sessions for 5-7 minutes. Over time, you can try to jump for 7 minutes without pauses. If you plan to lose weight in this way, then you need to jump at least half an hour a day.
  • To train the heart muscle, you can train for 10 minutes, three times a week. Exercising every day is not necessary, it is useful to give rest to the heart so that it “recovers”. The recommended jumping frequency is 80 times per minute.
  • It will be more comfortable to jump in sneakers and other sports shoes.

Jumping rope - cardio workout, weight loss and pumping lymph

We jump rope and lose weight

Jumping rope is of varying difficulty, taking into account your personal training, skills, complexion and health.

  • Classic simple jumps on both legs. 1 full rotation of the rope – 1 jump on both legs. You can gradually increase the speed of your jumps. The faster the pace of exercise, the more efficiently calories are spent.
  • Jumping in turn. We jump in turn with the right and left feet, it is somewhat similar to running on the spot. This option trains coordination and provides calorie consumption.
  • Jumping crosswise. Technique of execution: first we do a classic jump, then we cross our arms on the line of the elbows, at the same time the rope of the rope flies over your head and the next jump is made.
  • Another (more difficult) modification of the previous exercise: crossing the arms is performed behind your back.
  • Jumping + knee lift. Jumping, we bend our knees and raise them. Exercise is energy-intensive.
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Recommendations for classes on the rope

  • Do not forget about your biological age. Yes, once upon a time, in childhood, jumping rope was not difficult. But over the years, the weight is already significant, and the dexterity is not the same.
  • We land with an emphasis on toes and with springy legs both at the landing and off the floor. Pressing on the entire foot puts excessive stress on the knee joints, which can lead to damage.
  • The back is always straight. The optimal separation from the floor is 2 – 4 cm.
  • While rotating the rope, you should not wave your arms. Only the hands are involved, the elbows are close to the body.
  • The most effective time for weight loss is to jump rope for 30-40 minutes. everyday. Again, do not forget about our health and well-being. When you find it difficult to jump, stop, pause, allow yourself to regain your breathing rhythm.

Jumping rope will be a useful cardio workout for you, will help you lose weight and pump lymph. Published by

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