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Linen insulation – Izolna environmentally friendly insulation

Correct insulation ensures that the timber house remains comfortable all year round.

Linen insulation is insulated – a unique absolutely environmentally friendly linen insulation. Composition: 100% linen (short flax fiber). Starch is used as a binder; for fire-biological protection – borax (boron salt).

Eco-friendly thermal insulation

  • The use of borax in the production of thermal insulation materials
  • Application and installation of insulation
  • Application area
  • Technical characteristics of insulation Izolna

Borax or boron salts are white, transparent or grayish crystals, soluble in water. It is a naturally occurring natural mineral that is deposited along the edges of salt lakes.

The use of borax in the production of thermal insulation materials

Boron compounds in the form of salts are also a fire retardant, i.e. they provide fire protection and significantly increase the fire resistance of materials. The effect is due to the fact that when the temperature rises, boron compounds release water, which is part of the chemical formula, and resist fire for a long time. At the same time, the insulation does not emit toxic gases.

Borax is an antiseptic, which provides additional protection of materials from the formation of fungus, rot and mold. In particular, this allows in some cases to allow the installation of insulation without a vapor barrier film.

The listed properties are effectively used in the production of heaters (in particular, heat and sound insulation boards Izolna and various Ecowool).

Borax (boron salts) and ammonium phosphates are two types of agents used and approved for the treatment of insulation of living quarters in the EU countries, since their safety has been tested and confirmed officially and in practice.

The Izolna insulation production technology provides for a one-time connection of flax fiber with fire-fighting and bioprotective binders into a plate with a uniform structure. No synthetic additives are used in production, Izolna boards contain only natural ingredients.

Linen insulation - Izolna environmentally friendly insulation

Application and installation of insulation

Insulation Izolna can be used both in low-rise construction and for insulation and sound insulation of apartments. Natural linen insulation is a hypoallergenic material and completely safe for human health.

The material is used in residential, public, industrial buildings and structures, catering establishments, children’s, medical and health institutions. Ideal for interior insulation and sound insulation.

Application area

Warming and sound insulation of walls, roofs, attics, floors, ceilings, ceilings, internal partitions

Natural insulation Izolna is a “breathing” material that provides natural vapor exchange. Thanks to this, the room maintains an optimal humidity level. The indisputable advantage of Izoln when insulating apartments is its low weight, which minimizes the load on the partitions of the room. This also ensures ease of installation. All installation work when insulating houses, apartments, attic or roof structures can be carried out at any time of the year and without the use of personal protective equipment.

Izolna is an environmentally friendly insulation. In its production, only natural binders are used that do not contain toxic additives. Izolna is not “dusty”, is not subject to rotting, the development of mold and mildew, and flax itself is an excellent natural antiseptic. And this means that even those rooms where people with severe allergies or asthma are located can be insulated with Izolna thermal insulation.

Warming an apartment with Izolna thermal insulation is effective and convenient. Installation of linen insulation, as a rule, is not difficult. Izolna is a good solution for thermal insulation of apartments and cottages.

Also, Izolna linen slabs are used as an effective sound-absorbing layer in soundproof structures of walls, partitions and ceilings. Sound insulation with this natural material is applicable in country wooden houses, brick and panel buildings. And its environmental friendliness maintains a special microclimate of the building.

Soundproofing a house or providing acoustic comfort in a room is one of the basic requirements for modern building structures. Lightweight sound-insulating structures with a layer of sound-absorbing material serve as a means of effective sound insulation.

In Izolna slabs, long thin flax fibers are closely intertwined with each other and create a homogeneous open structure. Due to this, Izolna has high sound-absorbing characteristics.

Also, the soundproofing of the house with the help of Izolna thermal insulation complies with fire safety requirements and is easy to install. It can be easily installed in the construction of walls, partitions, suspended ceilings and interior claddings.

Izolna is perfect for soundproofing in a panel house, where it is often quite tight with noise. In parallel, it can be used for additional insulation of the apartment from the inside.

Linen insulation – effective and environmentally friendly sound insulation at an adequate price.

Insulation properties:

Environmental Safety

  • Absolutely environmentally friendly.
  • Does not contain artificial ingredients, does not emit toxic substances.
  • Safe for health, used even where hygiene requirements are particularly high.


  • Service life over 70 years.
  • Retains performance properties throughout the entire service life of the structure.
  • Does not settle, is not susceptible to infection by fungi, mold and pests.

Fire safety

  • Refers to materials with flammability group G1 (does not support combustion).
  • Thermal insulation
  • Provides reliable thermal protection due to the low thermal conductivity coefficient.
  • Possesses increased resistance to temperature extremes.


  • Significantly reduces noise level due to high sound absorption coefficient.
  • Vapor permeability
  • Does not collect condensate, allows steam to pass through and helps moisture escape from the structure.
  • Maintains a comfortable indoor climate.


  • Reduces the load on the building’s supporting structure.

Ease of installation

  • Due to its elasticity, resilience and special dimensions, the material is easily installed into the structure with or without fasteners.
  • Does not require special protection (clothing, mask, gloves).

3D effect

  • Bulk insulation slabs fit tightly to the structural elements and to each other in all 3 directions: in width, length and thickness, excluding “cold bridges” and keeping heat in the walls.

Technical characteristics of insulation Izolna

Insulation Izolna is distinguished by high performance characteristics. It is hypoallergenic and non-toxic. Completely natural composition of raw materials and innovative production technologies give the insulation unique properties.

It has a very low thermal conductivity coefficient. This means that this modern insulation material provides the maximum degree of protection against frost and extreme heat. Natural flax fibers, which are the raw materials for the production of insulation material Izolna, meet modern requirements for environmental friendliness and reliability. This allows it to be used in any premises.

The natural properties of flax make this type of insulation the leader in its market segment. Modern insulation combines high performance characteristics (fire resistance, long service life, wide range of application temperatures) with environmental benefits.

Linen insulation - Izolna environmentally friendly insulation

Comparison of the thicknesses of different materials required to provide the same level of thermal protection:

Comparison of the thicknesses of different materials required to provide the same level of thermal protection:

Linen insulation - Izolna environmentally friendly insulation

Heat and sound insulation boards Izolna are made on German equipment, which has no analogues in Russia. The entire production process is fully automated.

Linen insulation - Izolna environmentally friendly insulation

Thanks to its unique properties, linen slabs naturally create a healthy indoor climate and protect moisture-sensitive materials (wood or plaster). IZOLNA is a reliable protector of your house of heat, cold and sound. Thanks to its ability to prevent energy loss in winter and to keep out heat in summer, the material helps reduce energy consumption and, as a result, heating and air conditioning costs.

Specific heat is the ability to receive and retain heat. The higher it is, the better. A material with a high thermal capacity provides better protection against frost in winter and heat in summer due to its high thermal inertia. In practice, the temperature outside is constantly changing, often significantly, during the day, both in winter and in summer. With a high heat capacity of the insulation, temperature changes in the room will be insignificant. This is especially true if the house is intended for permanent residence. A house with a good heat capacity makes it easier to maintain a comfortable thermal regime without the need to constantly adjust the heating operation.


The heat capacity of Izolna is ≈ 2 times higher than that of inorganic materials.
The heat front passes through the mineral wool layer in 6 hours, and through the Izolna layer in 12 hours. At the same time, the internal temperature changes for mineral wool from 15 to 27 degrees, and for linen insulation from 20 to 23 degrees.

* At negative temperatures, the graph behaves similarly. The calculation is approximate and intended for comparative information.

The lower the coefficient of thermal conductivity and the higher the heat capacity, the less thickness of insulation you need to ensure a comfortable temperature in the house. published by econet.ru

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