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Magic points that will bring back youth

Not only masks, but also secret points on the face help to restore elasticity and youth to the skin. Through contraction and relaxation, you can improve muscle tone, support blood circulation, stimulate regeneration and visibly reduce expression lines.

The study of only 4 points makes the skin elastic, changes the shape of the face, and returns a pleasant healthy shade. The simple technique can be mastered in just a few times, setting aside 15 minutes a day for rejuvenation.

Basic exercises for skin rejuvenation

To correctly determine the control places for exercise, lie on the floor or a hard surface, bend your knees, try to relax your muscles.

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The main points responsible for youthfulness and elasticity of the skin are:

1. On the outside of the temple, closer to the hairline.

2. 1 cm below the inner corner of the eye at the bridge of the nose.

3. Under the lower jaw on the bone in the area of ​​the 7-8 tooth.

4. Above the upper lip, closer to the corners of the mouth.

The points are located on the massage lines. When working out, the regeneration of fibers is started, the flow of blood, oxygen and nutrients increases.

Magic points that will bring back youth

Relax your cheeks

While sitting or lying on the floor, turn your head to the right so that the left cheek is tense. Concentrating on the highest point of the cheekbone, try to relax the muscles as much as possible, imagining how tension and tone disappear. Repeat the exercise 10 times with a deep exhalation.

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The exercise must be repeated for each side of the face, trying not to bite the cheek from the inside, not to touch it with your tongue. Gradually, the muscle will stop sagging strongly, come to tone and form clear beautiful cheekbones, elastic cheeks.

Straining our cheeks

Turn your head to the right, lower your shoulders. Using neck tension, try to alternately tighten your cheeks from bottom to top.… As you master the exercise, you will learn to control hidden muscles, which will fill them with blood, return roundness and elasticity. At first, put your palm to feel the work of the fibers, repeating 30-40 contractions.

Muscle contraction

After mastering the previous exercise, learn to contract the muscles of the cheeks to affect the work of all four points on the face. Maintain the maximum tension for several seconds, then exhale slowly. While relaxing, you can lightly massage the selected areas to normalize blood circulation.

Exercise every day, combine with nourishing masks and proper nutrition. Muscles will gradually tighten, and the face will become fresher, younger, wrinkles will be smoothed out without painful operations.

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