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Method for cleansing blood vessels and restoring capillaries

Regular cleansing of blood vessels is a guarantee of health and longevity. With the help of traditional methods, you can get rid of salt deposits that lead to early stroke or heart attack, chronic hypertension. A simple recipe based on spruce cone and regular rice can be easily applied at home.

The removal of salts from the body must be carried out regularly to maintain vascular tone. After cleansing, a person feels a surge of strength and energy, increases efficiency, improves memory and brain function. The system requires rice and some spruce cones.

Cleansing rules with rice and spruce cone

To prepare a medicinal broth, you must boil a fresh spruce or pine cone in a glass of purified water… Strain the resulting drink, cool and take 100 g each morning and evening. It is not recommended to add sugar or honey to improve the taste.

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At the second stage of cleansing, you will need ordinary white rice, which perfectly removes toxins and salts from the digestive system, helps to improve the blood composition. For cooking you need:

  • In the evening, soak 100 g of cereals in purified water.
  • In the morning, change the water and put the rice on the fire, bring to a boil, drain the liquid.
  • Pour clean water again and boil, repeat 3 more times.
  • For 4 times, the cereal must be brought to readiness over low heat and consumed for breakfast without flavorings and salt.

Method for cleansing blood vessels and restoring capillaries

For several hours after such a breakfast, it is recommended not to have a snack, or drink coffee or tea. Be sure to drink plenty of clean, still water.

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Any food is allowed for lunch, but with minimal heat treatment: lean meat or fish, vegetables, soups in light broth, fruits and salads with fresh herbs.

At the third stage, before going to bed, you need to drink another 100 g of broth from a spruce cone. You should not eat food at night to speed up the elimination of harmful salts. This diet is recommended to be maintained for a month.

If the system is observed and the rejection of fatty, salty and pickled products, salts gradually dissolve and are removed from the tissues. There is a purification and rejuvenation of blood vessels, restoration of the capillary network. The recipe is useful for osteochondrosis, gout, heart disease.

To rejuvenate the body, you should not look for miraculous drugs. You can improve the condition of tissues and blood vessels with ordinary rice and several spruce cones, containing unique substances and organic compounds. A pleasant bonus of the system will be weight reduction and a feeling of lightness after losing weight. Published by

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