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Migraine headaches: quick, natural ways to relieve pain

Those who suffer from migraines describe this condition in different ways. But they all agree on one thing: migraines are excruciating, debilitating headaches that can be accompanied by additional unpleasant symptoms. How can you resist this disease and quickly relieve painful sensations? Here are some effective ways.

A migraine can give a person many unpleasant and painful minutes. This disease is more susceptible to women – about 15-18% of the fair sex on our planet suffer from migraines and only 6-7% of men. In about 60% of women, migraine is directly related to the menstrual cycle, that is, the characteristic headaches usually prevail during these periods.

Quick methods to relieve migraines

In addition to throbbing, burning pain (and not only on one side), many patients describe the so-called “aura” before attacks. As additional symptoms, nausea, vomiting, fever, chills, increased sweating, hypersensitivity to light, sharp or loud sounds, and aromas can be tormented.

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How to prevent the onset of migraines?

Prevention of migraine begins with the elimination of its provoking phenomena (triggers).

  • In terms of nutrition, this involves eating whole foods (excluding or limiting various convenience foods).
  • The psychological methods for dealing with migraines include effective stress management.
  • Systematic physical activity will be an effective assistant in resisting migraines by training the reaction to stress.

These are key remedies to focus on to ease the effects of migraines.

Migraine headaches: quick, natural ways to relieve pain

Rapid measures against migraine

Once the migraine is felt and it is imperative to experience immediate relief, you can do the following:

  • Contrast compress… We alternate between hot and cold compresses on the forehead and back of the neck.
  • We stimulate the body’s natural pain relieving function. We press on the nerve located directly under the eyebrow, thus forcing the pituitary gland to immediately produce pain-relieving hormones endorphins.
  • We massage the auricles, earlobes and the so-called “crown” of the head – the ring of muscles surrounding the head.
  • We take about 1 / 2-3 teaspoon of cayenne pepper, we first dilute it in 250 ml of water of any temperature). When the pepper hits the stomach lining, the brain will release endorphins.
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These simple remedies will help you with a migraine attack and ease its painful effects.

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