Milk can interfere with weight loss

The benefits of milk are explained to us from early childhood. This product is the basis for the nutrition of young children, saturating the body with calcium and valuable proteins. But for an adult, its use can be harmful, provoke indigestion.

The quality of milk offered to customers on supermarket shelves is significantly inferior to the product that was produced 20-30 years ago. It may contain preservatives, colorants that can trigger allergies and intestinal problems. The enzymes contained in it slow down the process of losing weight, making it less effective.

All about milk: pros and cons

After drinking high-quality milk, the human body receives a large amount of useful calcium. Its deficiency is often observed with strict diets, worsens the condition of bone tissue. In addition, the product is enriched with vitamins A, D, magnesium and potassium, necessary for the full functioning of the heart muscle, immune and urinary system.

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Milk contains proteins and fats that are easily broken down and are not stored in stocks. They serve as ideal “building blocks” for building muscles, skin and hair, and improve the condition of nails. No wonder a useful product is actively used in cosmetology.

But cow’s milk has a downside: it contains a protein called beta-casein A1. Its molecules are large in size, when heated or sterilized, they change their structure, therefore, when they enter the intestine, they are not completely digested. The problem is aggravated by a lack of enzymes that occurs with gastritis, colitis, ulcers or dysbiosis.

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When broken down in the small intestine, casein A1 is converted to the peptide beta-casomorphin-7, which:

  • lowers the process of peristalsis of the intestinal walls, slowing down the digestion of food;
  • provokes inflammation and dysbiosis;
  • activates autoimmune diseases, pathologies of the cardiovascular system.

If the level of beta-casomorphin-7 is constantly elevated in the intestine, glucose tolerance is impaired. In 60–70% of cases, it provokes the development of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

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When losing weight, the process of cleansing the intestines, its daily emptying is important. Casein can create thick mucus on the walls, which disrupts digestion and absorption of nutrients. A person develops constipation, toxins penetrate the bloodstream, worsen well-being and create puffiness that prevents weight loss.

Milk can interfere with weight loss

Among middle-aged and older people, lactose intolerance is observed in every second person. For them, drinking milk while on a diet can harm their health. As an alternative, doctors recommend low-fat dairy products: kefir, ayran, natural yogurt. Prepare them yourself using quality homemade milk without preservatives or antibiotics.

How to replace milk when losing weight

If you are actively involved in sports during your diet, your muscles need digestible proteins. If you are lactose intolerant, replace cow’s milk with healthier “analogues”.

Oat milk

The product is popular among fans of vegetarian food, made from plant materials. It quickly and well quenches thirst, reduces hunger, and normalizes bowel function. Oat milk is safe for casein and lactose intolerance, therefore it is often included in the children’s menu for allergies. But it is not recommended for diabetes mellitus: a high starch content provokes the release of insulin.

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Coconut milk

The natural product is made by squeezing finely grated nut pulp. It contains useful antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, improves intestinal microflora, eliminates dysbiosis. But it can provoke an exacerbation in diseases of the liver and gallbladder.

Milk can interfere with weight loss

Almond milk

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Due to the absence of saturated fats, the plant product is easy to digest, suitable for feeding small children. It saturates tissues with vitamin E, antioxidants, minerals, improves metabolic processes, therefore it is useful for losing weight. Among the contraindications are thyroid diseases, allergy to nuts.

If bloating does not go away with vigorous exercise, puffiness and excess weight remain, try giving up milk. After the restoration of the digestion process, the metabolism is accelerated, the process of losing weight is started. Include herbal substitutes such as coconut or almond in your diet to maintain vitamin balance.

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