Moscow fish SOLYANKA in a pan: Texts of old recipes

If you are a lover of fish dishes, then today’s article will be very useful to you. Get acquainted with old Russian recipes for fish saltwort.

We often forget about traditional Russian recipes for our favorite dishes. But it’s in vain: we can find the ingredients for these dishes in the nearest supermarket, and many of them are produced here, in different parts of the country. Modern life is impetuous in all respects, but Russian cuisine bears the imprint of antiquity.

Old Russian recipes for fish hodgepodge

1880 Selyanka moskovskaya

Put in a saucepan 3p. shredded sauerkraut, add 3 tablespoons of vinegar, 3 tablespoons of fine sugar, 3 bay leaves, 5 peppers, cover, simmer until soft. The cabbage should darken. Lay the bottom of the pan with pieces of different fried or boiled fish: sturgeon, salmon, teshki, pike perch, whitefish, put cabbage on it, level the top; peel 5 pickled cucumbers, cut, and then lay on top in slices more beautifully.

Put it on the fire 10 minutes before lunch and when it boils, move the fork slightly, but do not turn it over, serve it now.

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1893 Dense fish villager

Chop the cabbage, rinse it, squeeze it, put it in a saucepan, add oil (one spoonful of oil for one bucket of shredded cabbage). Finely chop one onion, peeling it of the top feathers, and fry it with ½ spoonful of oil; boil a spoonful of flour with one spoonful of butter, dilute ½ cup of fish broth, add 2 teaspoons of sugar and a tablespoon of vinegar, boil everything together and, pouring it all into the cabbage, mix well, put the fried onions, kaportsa and olives there.

Fry the fish and cut into pieces; put on a stewpan like this: a row of cabbage down, then pieces of fried fish, again a row of cabbage, etc., the top row should be made of cabbage. Put the stewpan in the cupboard, let it tint and, taking it out of the cupboard, remove from the top: gherkins, olives, kaporets, pickled cherries and, if any, crayfish tails.

1909 Selyanka from fish

Pour 2 pounds of sauerkraut into boiling water, cook until soft. Dissolve two tablespoons of oil, chop two onions finely, put in oil, put on the stove. When the onion turns yellow, add 2-3 cups of broth in which the fish was cooked, boil this sauce, put the cooked, well-squeezed cabbage, boil well in the sauce.

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Cook 4 pickled mushrooms, 4 peeled cucumbers, 2 lbs. Boiled sturgeon, cut into slices, lightly sautéed.

Put a row of cabbage in a saucepan, a row of fish, slices of mushrooms, cucumbers, etc., after finishing with cabbage, sprinkle with breadcrumbs, put in a hot oven, tint, remove with gherkins, olives, serve wrapped in a napkin.

Give out: 2 pounds of sturgeon, 2 pounds of sauerkraut, 2 tablespoons of oil, 2 onions, 4 pickled mushrooms, 4 cucumbers, olives, 10 gherkins, crackers.

Moscow fish SOLYANKA in a pan: Texts of old recipes


Cut the sturgeon or strerlad into pieces, wash, put on a sieve, leave for a while, boil small fish broth (two pounds of fish per serving). Add roots 1 pc. (celery, parsley, carrots). When the broth is cooked, lower the sturgeon, cook in half. 2

pounds of sturgeon head must be cut into pieces, washed, salt and set to cook separately, pour water to cover. Fry shredded onions in oil, add 4 tablespoons of tomato, put Kaporets, and 1 tablespoon of olives, shredded mushrooms, fish in pieces, half boiled, add fish broth, add chopped cartilage of the head.

Cook for 20 minutes until tender. Put slices of lemon separately, without skin and zerer, season with green parsley.

Give out: 2 pounds of heads, ½ pound fish per person, 1 tablespoon of Kapores, 1 tablespoon of butter, mushrooms, 4 tablespoons of tomato, lemon, parsley, olives, sturgeon or ½ pound sterlet per serving. Note. For ½ pound fish, take 1 ½ cups of water for the broth.

Fish village

(I mean, cook like meat from cabbage stewed with onions, meat left over from the roast, and 2 tablespoons of oil … this is my addition).

It is done in the same way, boiled meat is replaced with boiled fish or boiled ram. Add olives, salted mushrooms, cut into pieces. Instead of butter, they use hemp, Provencal, sunflower, and mustard oil.

Give out: instead of meat, the remaining fish or 2 pieces of ram, 6 pieces of olives, 5 pieces of salted mushrooms, 3 tablespoons of hemp, mustard or sunflower oil.

1907 Notes on the course of the culinary school. Moscow hodgepodge

Chop 1/2 head of fresh cabbage, salt, squeeze. Peel one piece of vegetables: carrots, parsley, turnips and onions, chop, onion, first simmer ss ¼ f oil, then throw vegetables there and simmer, when they are soft, put a few grains of pepper and laurel, foliage, cabbage there, and continue stewing. When the cabbage is stewed, add ½ tablespoon sugar, 2 tablespoons tomato, 1 tablespoon vinegar and simmer again.

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2 f sturgeon to clean from spines and cartilage, rinse, scald and separate from the skin. When the cabbage is soft put the fish, 1/8 lb of kaports and olives, 3 pickled cucumbers, stew for another 20 minutes.

Season the white sauce: season 1/8 f butter and 1/8 f flour, dilute 1 cup of broth, pour into the hodgepodge, add a little cayenne pepper, simmer with the sauce and put in a saucepan, sprinkle with grated cheese on top, sprinkle with butter and put in tint the stove, serving to remove the top with lemon, lingonberries, pickled plums, pickles, olives, parsley.

Moscow fish SOLYANKA in a pan: Texts of old recipes

1909 Selyanka in a frying pan with salted fish

  • Fresh sturgeon – 800 gr.
  • Salted fish – 400 gr.
  • Squeezed sauerkraut shredded – 500 gr.
  • Tomato – 100 gr.
  • Potatoes – 5 pcs.
  • Dry mushrooms for mushroom broth – 50 gr.
  • Pickled or salted mushrooms – 200 gr.
  • Mushroom broth – 2 1/2 cups
  • Flour – 2 tbsp. spoons.
  • Oils – 150 gr.
  • Crushed dry nuts for sprinkling.

Cooking rules:

Cook fresh and salted fish until soft, as fish is usually boiled, cool in the broth and cut into small pieces. Peel the raw potatoes from the skin, cut into thin round slices and fry in vegetable oil until cooked. Cut salted or pickled mushrooms into slices and simmer in butter. Cook mushroom broth for the sauce from dry white mushrooms.

Squeeze the shredded sauerkraut and sauté first with onions in oil, and then add canned tomato puree, pepper, bay leaf, a little mushroom broth and simmer until soft. In the mushroom broth, prepare the mushroom tomato sauce, as for cabbage rolls.

When everything is ready, then take a frying pan, put half of the total amount of cabbage on the bottom, level it with an even layer, put a row of all fish on top of the cabbage, then mix the potatoes with mushrooms; again close everything on top with cabbage, pour over the sauce so that the villager is juicy, sprinkle with finely crushed, sifted breadcrumbs, put in the oven and let it tint on top and form a golden brown crust.

This villager is served in the same pan in which it was baked.
Note. From fresh fish, you can take sturgeon, white fish, sowing

Moscow fish SOLYANKA in a pan: Texts of old recipes

And one more recipe “Fish village in a pan”

Moscow Selyanka is also prepared from fresh and salted fish, which is taken in the same quantity. The method of cooking fish villagers is exactly the same as from game. But cabbage is stewed without pork belly and in fish broth, and instead of game and sausages some fresh fish is put: whitefish, pike perch, sturgeon, salmon, etc .; from salted fish: sturgeon, sturgeon teshka, white fish, etc.

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Fresh fish is removed from the bones in its raw form, cut into small slices and stewed, and salted fish is boiled separately and then cut. Then everything is put in a metal cup or frying pan in the same order as mentioned above, and marinades stewed in oil are put in the village together with fish: porcini mushrooms, gherkins and olives. The fish villager is also dressed with tomato sauce cooked in fish broth.

The baked fish villager from above is also removed with marinades and, in addition, crayfish tails.

My subjective remarks

1. Decorate fish hodgepodge should not be carrots, but crayfish tails (peeled).
2. Cucumbers should be small and, before decorating the hodgepodge with them, it is still better to peel them.
3. Capers and olives are very relevant.
4. Lemons, before being used for decoration, should be peeled from the zest (from the yellow, white parts and from the seeds), and only then cut across, and decorate the hodgepodge on top.
5. All of the above listed “decorations” actually greatly affect the taste, they should not be neglected.
6. Greens (fresh parsley and dill) are very good in a hodgepodge.
7. I, purely subjective (you can not pay any attention to this my opinion), more like a hodgepodge of fresh, not sauerkraut.

And further. When I cook a fish hodgepodge, my cabbage, let’s say, is not a bucket. I like when there are more fish and that this fish is specifically felt. And do not grind fish pieces.

And you should never add cereals to the hodgepodge – this is objective. And you should not listen to the arguments about the hodgepodge of those who do not understand it from the word at all.

Cook with love!

Elena Glebova

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