Nutrition by body type: individual weight loss program

The body of each person is individual, therefore food is absorbed in different ways. Someone is gaining weight very quickly, while someone’s weight is always stable. Previously, nutritionists advised everyone, without exception, to consume less fat, moderate amounts of protein and carbohydrates, and more fresh fruits and vegetables. But in fact, it would be more correct to adhere to an individual diet, depending on the type of physique.

There are six types of female figure in total. If you have problems with being overweight, you need to determine your body type and adhere to an individual diet. This will allow you to quickly get in shape and enjoy your reflection in the mirror. So, the types of the female figure and the characteristics of the diet for each of them.

The main types of female figure

1. Android type “Inverted triangle”

People with this type of figure have an athletic physique: narrow hips, pronounced waist and broad shoulders.

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Excess fat is deposited mainly in the upper part of the body. Such people are recommended:

  • eat more complex carbohydrates, dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits;
  • to minimize the consumption of salty, smoked and fatty foods, red meat, beer, confectionery;
  • drink more fluids.

Breakfast and lunch should be light and supper hearty.

Nutrition by body type: individual weight loss program

2. “Rectangle”

This type of figure is similar to the previous localization of body fat. In this case, the chest, waist and hips are almost equal in proportion. To lose weight, you need a strict restriction on food:

  • smoked products, sausages, beer, pastries, confectionery are contraindicated;
  • emphasis should be placed on the “right” fats, which reduce the risk of developing problems with blood vessels and heart;
  • eat more fish, legumes, complex carbohydrates, olive oil.
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3. Gynecoid type “Pear”

In this case, the hips are wide, the waist is thin, and the shoulders are narrow. Fat accumulates mainly in the buttocks and thighs. People with this figure are prone to cellulite formation. To normalize weight, it is desirable:

  • give up fatty and spicy foods;
  • include whole grains, protein, fruits and vegetables in the diet;
  • it is better to replace meat with poultry or fish;
  • from sweets, give preference to marmalade, pastille or marshmallow, which will not cause any particular harm to health;
  • avoid fasting;
  • eat fractionally (5-6 times a day).

Breakfast should be light, and lunch and dinner should be hearty. The recommended daily intake of proteins and fats is 25% each, and carbohydrates – 50%.

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4. Hourglass type

Similar to the previous type in fat localization. The upper and lower body in this case are proportional (the volume of the shoulders is equal to the volume of the hips). The extra pounds usually accumulate in the chest, thighs and buttocks. To normalize weight, you should:

  • give up spicy and fatty foods, sweets, coffee;
  • you need to enrich the diet with carbohydrates, fish, vegetables and fruits;
  • eat fractionally.

Nutrition by body type: individual weight loss program

5. Thyroid type, “Banana”

This is the so-called “boyish” figure, characterized by narrow hips and shoulders, long legs and a small chest. Excess fat is stored mainly on the thighs and abdomen. People with such a figure need:

  • eat more protein, vegetables;
  • it is better to replace animal fats with vegetable fats;
  • eat moderate amounts of carbohydrates;
  • minimize the amount of sugar, chocolate and coffee;
  • give up fast food.
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Breakfast should be hearty and lunch and dinner less hearty.

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6. Lymphatic type “Apple”

People with this type of figure are usually very well-fed from childhood. In their case, fat is distributed evenly throughout the body. For weight loss it is recommended:

  • enrich the diet with protein foods and cereals;
  • exclude dairy products from the diet, which causes poor lymph drainage;
  • replace animal fats with vegetable fats;
  • instead of sweet, eat dark chocolate.

Breakfast should be hearty, lunch average, and dinner the lightest.

To normalize weight, you should determine the type of figure, choose the correct diet and devote time to physical activity. Only such an integrated approach will make it possible to get rid of extra pounds as quickly and comfortably as possible. * Published by

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