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Oncology and resentment: what is the connection?

The root cause of breast cancer is long-term resentment. When a woman takes offense at someone for a long time (her husband, children, herself), there is a risk of developing oncology. Therefore, it is very important to find strength in yourself and forgive everyone, remove these grievances, and then the disease will recede. Also, a wrong attitude to the past negatively affects health.

Why does breast cancer occur? The root cause must be sought in sensual happiness, especially in the subject of desires. A woman’s concentration on desires stimulates feelings such as jealousy, resentment towards loved ones. Breast cancer is the material embodiment of resentment at the level of the body. In men, when he is offended, the lungs are hit. In women, in this case, the breast suffers.

Why does breast cancer develop?

If a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, it means that for a long time she has experienced resentment against loved ones (husband, relatives, herself). Therefore, in order to overcome breast cancer, it is important to eliminate the root cause of the disease.

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Oncology and resentment

Cancer blocks a huge outflow of energy. Loss of energy is the result of strong grievances against your fate, the world around you, and close people. Therefore, it is important to find strength in yourself and forgive everyone, remove these offenses. And then it is useful to pray for children: those born and not born as a result of either termination of pregnancy, or some other reason.

Oncology and resentment: what is the connection?

The main problem doctors face is that they begin to treat cancer, but the effect of treatment is weak. This is because it is possible that the problem is coming from the child who is being resentful. And that is why oncology is so difficult to treat.

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Want to really tidy yourself up in terms of health? Take care of your soul first, and then take care of your children and grandchildren, praying for them, asking that all grievances go out of their souls… So that they know how to forgive, so that they never take offense at others or at themselves for a long time. So that in any offense they see the possibility of detachment from human happiness and even greater striving for God.

There are difficult cases, such as when a child was supposed to be born, and a woman for some reason (out of jealousy, resentment against her husband) made an abortion. And the fact that a child is not born greatly aggravates the situation. In this case, oncology can be much more difficult. But through turning to love and God, you can overcome any disease.

Living in the past

The wrong attitude to the past negatively affects health. How to fix the situation? You can go through situations you have lived through. Living again, going through all the moments in a new state will help improve the quality of life. And then it turns out that the memory of what happened changes. By changing our attitude to the past, we are changing it ourselves. After all, the past is in the present.

This is a mistake many people make: they would like to change the past. They constantly regret, revise it, execute themselves. And then they start to get sick. Because trying to revisit the past is a serious violation of natural laws. Many people want to change the past by changing the events that happened once. In fact, you can change the past by changing your attitude towards it. Live it over again with a different orientation, reconsider your life. And then it will become easier for you to put yourself and your children in order.
Save love – get rid of cancer

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The person has cancer. He reconsidered his life, changed. But the cancer doesn’t go away. What’s the matter?

The quintessence of sensual happiness is morality, ethics. The ability to preserve love, to forgive someone who treated us immorally is the ability to stop dependence on sensual happiness.… For example, a harsh assessment of other people in terms of morality is passed on to children. And this is what blocks the possibility of a complete cure.

Therefore, if you do not want to get an oncological disease, learn to maintain love not only when your material and moral foundations are shaking, but primarily sensual: when your human love is humiliated, when your desires collapse, when you were treated immorally and unfairly, when your destiny collapses. If you can maintain even a little love, this is already the protection of your health. And you have one. Published by

Based on a lecture by Sergei Lazarev

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