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One simple exercise to help you lose weight

Our internal state affects the biochemical processes in the body. When we are stressed, we put on extra weight. Being alone – we grow thin. Here’s how to lose weight with a simple, affordable breathing exercise.

During stress, we get fat, and resting – we get slimmer. Why is this happening? During the relaxation period, the metabolic mechanism is restarted, at this time the stress hormone cortisol decreases. If you consciously practice these relaxation exercises daily, you can significantly adjust your weight. In addition, introspection is helpful in improving health and weight management.

Slimming Exercise

It is enough to devote 5 minutes to this exercise daily. You will be required to sit down in a relaxed atmosphere and do breathing exercises for complete relaxation. Here is a step-by-step instruction for the exercise.

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1.CWe rest on a chair / armchair / sofa, lean on a pillow or on the floor with our legs crossed.

2. Close our eyes and mouth. We calm down.

3. Take a slow breath through the nose, counting to five. 4. We hold our breath (again, counting to five), then exhale smoothly, counting again to five.

5. Perform five of these repetitions.

One simple exercise to help you lose weight

If you practice the proposed breathing exercise before each meal, it helps to unload the nervous system, normalizes the metabolism and the digestion process. It is enough to do five breathing cycles before a meal.

You will notice that your appetite and your relationship with food will change with simple breathing exercises.

This simple practice will amazingly affect the chemical reactions taking place in the brain, creating a feeling of peace and satisfaction. The advantage of this gymnastics is that it is available to everyone, everywhere and always. Published by

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