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Open bite: diagnosis and treatment

An open bite is called a pathology in the vertical plane, when, when the teeth are closed, a gap is formed in the anterior area. As a result, a person’s mouth is always slightly half-open or open, facial features are distorted, and it becomes impossible to chew and digest food normally.

This dentoalveolar defect is difficult to correct, especially in adults, and surgical intervention is often required.

All about open bite

Symptoms of an open bite

With this anomaly, characteristic facial and oral signs are diagnosed.

Facial abnormalities:

Intraoral abnormalities:

  • there is a clear gap between the dentition;
  • the teeth are clustered together, sometimes overlapping.

In connection with the disease, functional disorders develop. Since the mouth is constantly ajar, the mucous membranes of the oral cavity dry out, become injured, edema and bleeding are observed. The patient has difficulty eating, he is unable to breathe through his nose, and therefore breathes through his mouth. Temporomandibular composition disorders occur, which is why diction suffers.

Treatment methods

Bad habits can provoke malocclusion: thumb sucking, prolonged sucking on a pacifier, children can gnaw pencils or pens.

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Preventive measures are necessary for children:

  • Control the general well-being, prevent the development of rickets, chronic ENT diseases.
  • Getting rid of bad habits.
  • Make sure that the child breathes only through the nose.
  • Regularly visit the dentist, treat caries, fulfill all doctor’s prescriptions for occlusion correction.

Open bite: diagnosis and treatment

Correction methods in children

With a milk bite, myogymnastics is prescribed – specially designed exercises for the jaw muscles, which help to form the teeth and bite correctly, use the methods of electrical stimulation… Dentists increase the occlusal load, which helps prevent the development and worsening of facial joint pathologies.

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For children, individual dental plates, mouth guards, arches are selected. They can be of a preventive nature, for example, when weaning to suck fingers, or therapeutic – correction of jaw pathologies.

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