Pointless spending: 10 ways to throw money away

On the Internet, you can find a lot of materials on how to make money or how to spend wisely. But there are other lessons that can be helpful. For example, talking about patterns of behavior that dehydrate the wallet. Let’s talk about everyday habits that steal your money and are not needed from the word at all.

1. Purchase by stock
If you bought a thing just because it was on sale for a stock, and without a stock you don’t need this thing for nothing, you have wasted your money. Most often, such purchases are things at sales and food “2 for 1”.

2. Things are out of size
Found the perfect pants, but not your size? Do not go to the checkout with the thought “I will definitely lose weight.” You will not lose weight. Or while you lose weight, the thing will go out of fashion or you will lose interest in it. Buy clothes only in size.

3. Fashionable clothes
Fashionable things have two significant drawbacks – they quickly go out of fashion and do not go well with each other. Hence the problem is born – a full wardrobe, but nothing to wear. Approach the purchase of clothes differently – buy things from the so-called “basic wardrobe”. These are about 15-20 items that are perfectly complemented with each other and, most importantly, never go out of fashion.

4. Suddenly useful
Another category of pointless spending – for the future or “suddenly come in handy.” For example, buying a furniture stapler in case you get inspired to interrupt your sofa or chair. Buy only what you need for the next specific goal. No “let it be” and “useful on the farm.”

5. Bottled water

Yes, drinking water is good. Yes, you need to drink at least 1.5 liters per day. But who said that you have to pay for it? Wouldn’t it be cheaper to have a reusable bottle, pour water at home and carry it with you?

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6. Pre-packaged food
Pistachios by weight and in a portioned package have different prices, although both are the same product. The situation is similar with fruits, cheese, sausages, cookies – prepackaged, as a rule, are more expensive.

7. Dietary supplements for immunity

The concept of strengthening the immune system makes no sense, since even scientists do not know how to influence (strengthen, restore) immune functions. Taking immune-boosting supplements will prove useless at best. At worst, it can cause health problems. This also applies to other “magic pills” (for example, for weight loss or potency).

8. Goods at the checkout

Chewing gum, a candy bar, a mint dragee thrown into the basket just because they were an eyesore to you while you were in line at the checkout – wasted money. It’s another matter if you deliberately went to the store for this.

9. Take away coffee

If you are used to grabbing a glass of cappuccino from a vending machine for 100 rubles on the run, then imagine that you spend almost 37 thousand rubles a year on this habit. Is it really worth it?

10. Bad habits
And, of course, all bad habits (smoking, alcohol, casinos) are also down the drain. And this pattern of behavior is perhaps the most dramatic of all, as it not only empties the wallet, but also ruins health. Paying to hurt yourself – isn’t that stupid?

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