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Pond or pool – “splash pool”

Raised ponds have several advantages over conventional ponds. Their position above the soil level eliminates the need to dig a pit, take away the excavated soil, and facilitate their care.

Flower beds or seats can be placed on the retaining walls of the reservoir, and a fountain can be arranged in the reservoir. Raised ponds are also convenient where there is a danger that a small child will fall into a pond below ground level.

To create such a pond using the gabion technique, you first need to assemble the formwork from gabion nets, and then fill it with rubble or other natural stones. Well, then, like a regular pond – the resulting container is laid with a special waterproof film and filled with water.

Approximate dimensions of the pond:

  • Inner diameter – 126 cm
  • Outside diameter – 146 cm
  • Height – 45 cm
  • Volume – 490 L


  • Mesh with cells 10 x 2.5 cm
  • Number of stones 270 kg


  • Length – 100 cm
  • Width – 35 cm
  • Height – 40 cm


  • Mesh with cells 10 cm x 5 cm
  • Number of stones – 190 kg

This small reservoir, as you see in the photo, is designed for 490 liters. Diameter: outer 146, inner 126, height 45 centimeters. 270 kg of stones were used to fill the grids.

The bed is at the same height as the pond, it is also made of gabions, it is a part of the structure, the width is 35 centimeters, the length is 100. Another 190 kg of stones went to the bed, so in total we need about half a ton of stones.Pond or pool-

Pond or pool-

To do this, you need to make or buy a ready-made metal mesh, for a pond, the cell size should be 2.5 by 10 cm, for a gabion under a bed, you can take 5 by 10 cm larger. problem. Very thick film can be used, but this is not reliable. You will also need boards, tarpaulin and, of course, stones, preferably more or less the same size, larger for the bench, smaller for the pool.

We clear the area and start assembling the metal mesh. How to assemble the mesh, you can read a separate instruction, there are different ways, but turn around, nothing complicated.

Pond or pool-
When the structure is ready, use the level to check that everything is level. This is especially important when dealing with water. Then we load the stones. You need to lay it evenly, layer by layer, so that the structure does not warp.

Then it is necessary to protect the inner hourbe from leaking. We cover the purchased waterproofing sheet and fasten it with clothespins to the side. This may not be enough if you actively use the pond as a swimming pool. Therefore, it is advisable to cover several more layers of waterproof tarpaulin.

Pond or pool-

The resulting reservoir can be used as a pond – then you can plant pond plants in it – or used as a small pool. Then, as in our example, together with the pool, you can make a lounger adjacent to it from the same stones so that you can sunbathe on it. published by econet.ru

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