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Problem Areas: Abdominal Exercise for Weight Loss

How to deal with unattractive sagging skin in your abdomen while losing weight? This is one of the most vulnerable areas of a slimming body. Why is this happening? The fat melts faster than the skin shrinks, and as a result we have a not very attractive picture. This exercise will help solve the problem of a saggy belly while losing weight.

There are 4 problem areas that require increased attention due to loss of elasticity and excess skin: the abdomen is one of them. When losing weight, the loss of weight and adipose tissue affects both the outer area of ​​fat under the skin and the inner area surrounding the muscles. The fat is removed and the muscles are less tense, so the skin on the abdomen is flabby and flabby. When external fat leaves, this is most reflected in the skin: it loses its firmness, elasticity.

Exercise number 1 for losing weight

After losing weight, the skin returns to normal extremely slowly, it takes up to six months to achieve normal tone. If the abdomen protrudes slightly forward, the cause is a weakening of the muscle wall. How can you tone it up and return a flat tummy? We work on the abdominal muscles, pumping the press.

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This exercise (along with normal walking) should be part of your daily ritual. It is quite simple to perform. Therefore, feel free to include it in your everyday life. The exercise will not take much of your time: it is short and quick, it is convenient to do it right in bed after waking up or in the evening before going to bed.

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Problem Areas: Abdominal Exercise for Weight Loss

The exercise is very effective. Another advantage: it allows you to use a large list of muscle groups; abdominals, thighs and even arms.


It is useful to do a little more every day, adding 1-2 movements to the abs and arms in the morning and in the evening (for example, 31 + 31 sets on day 2, 32 + 32 sets on day 3 and 36 + 36 sets on the final of the first week). Set a goal for yourself to reach 70 + 70 approaches by the end of the first month of classes and later – to 100 in the morning and 100 in the evening.

Interestingly, 200 repetitions will only take 3 minutes. After about a month, your belly will not become flabby and bulging, but attractive, firm and flat.

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