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Pulling Your Hair: The Easiest Way to Rejuvenate Your Face

Regular beauty treatments, nourishing creams and masks do not give the desired result if the muscles and tendons have LOST TONE. After 35 years of age, many women develop an aponeurosis of the head, in which, for natural reasons, tendons lose elasticity, cease to hold the scalp and muscle corset. The face looks puffy, a double chin appears, an oval blur.

Each person has a large tendon plate under the scalp. Like a helmet, it fits around the skull, controls the muscles responsible for facial expressions and the taut oval of the face. Gradually, it loses its elasticity, so the skin sags and sags, wrinkles become noticeable. Simple exercises will return youth, help remove drooping eyelids, and make cheekbones clearer and more pronounced.

The benefits of head massage

The skin under the scalp has many biologically active points. With light massage, they accelerate metabolic processes, blood flow, muscle nutrition is restored… It maintains fiber tone, stimulates collagen and elastin production.

Regular scalp massage has many benefits:

  • heart rate returns to normal;
  • improves hair growth;
  • the frequency of migraines and headaches decreases;
  • toxins and excess fluid are removed from tissues faster;
  • edema disappears;
  • facial skin gets a rested and fresh look.

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Exercises can be performed daily in the morning or before bedtime to relieve muscle tension and fatigue, and improve blood circulation:

1. Side grip.

Pull your hair into a ponytail, pulling from the temples to the crown. Hold for 30 seconds, then lower your face forward to increase tension and blood flow.

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Pulling Your Hair: The Easiest Way to Rejuvenate Your Face

2. Capture behind the ears.

With your fingers, grab the strands of hair behind your ears, and lift them towards the crown. Leave the skin in this position for 40 seconds. You can add clockwise rotation.

3. Frontal-occipital movements.

Take the hair in the region of the occipital fossa, with the other hand grab the strands along the growth line. Pull the scalp towards the top of the head, combining with circular turns.

4. Forehead massage.

Place your fingertips on the hairline and gently press on the skin, gradually moving towards the back of the head. Do it for at least 30 seconds.

5. Neck massage.

Place your fingers on the back of your head and stroke from top to bottom to the beginning of your neck.

6. Lymphatic drainage.

Use your fists to massage the occipital fossa for 30 seconds.

Simple exercises, when performed regularly, rejuvenate the muscles, stimulate tone and regeneration. The face becomes more toned and fresh, without signs of aging and fatigue. Published by

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