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Quiz: are you getting enough sleep?

If a person constantly lacks sleep, the body adapts, tries to conserve strength, reducing the speed of many processes. The brain does not work at full strength, does not reveal the capabilities of a person’s memory and intellect at full power. A constant feeling of sleepiness is a characteristic sign of lack of sleep.

In a state of chronic sleep deprivation, weakness and unpleasant drowsiness may disappear after drinking caffeinated energy drinks. To understand how much sleep we really need for activity and performance, simple tests developed by specialists help.

Popular sleepiness test

The quality of life depends on the amount of sleep. With chronic lack of sleep, illnesses are aggravated, latent inflammations and infections develop, memory and reaction speed when performing work deteriorate. Irritability and muscle weakness appear, which negatively affects many aspects of life.

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Lack of sleep is not always accompanied by drowsiness: the body is able to work at full capacity and suppress drowsiness… To prevent burnout, take a special test that will indicate how much sleep you really need for health and activity.

Answer “Yes” or “No” to the following statements:

  • I can only wake up on time with an alarm clock.
  • It’s hard for me to get out of bed immediately after the signal.
  • I am often in a bad mood during the day.
  • I easily get annoyed over trifles, I conflict with colleagues and relatives for no reason.
  • I am constantly drawn to sweets, I want carbohydrate foods, chocolate.
  • I lost my creativity and ability to generate interesting ideas.
  • I feel sleepy after dinner or a beer with friends, a light snack at work.
  • I often fall asleep while watching a movie, in a movie theater, or in a meeting.
  • I developed dark circles under my eyes, worsened my skin condition, and became overweight.
  • Without another cup of coffee, I find it difficult to get to work, get behind the wheel or focus on a task.
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Quiz: are you getting enough sleep?

When evaluating the result, count how many times you answered yes. If the number of answers “Yes” exceeded 4 times, you need to rest more, create good conditions for a night’s sleep… It is important to understand the cause of lack of sleep, remove irritants, and adjust the daily routine in order to regain activity and cheerfulness.

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