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Reich’s sponge: an exercise that removes long-forgotten clamps

Wilhelm Reich was a unique scientist who developed new methods of positive influence on the human body. The Reich sponge exercise is one of his successful discoveries. This is a kind of method that affects the centers of the body that regulate sexual tension. Here are detailed instructions for performing Reich’s sponge.

Wilhelm Reich is a famous (and undeservedly forgotten in our time) psychologist and inventor of the 1st half of the 20th century. The scientist thought a lot about what forces move the human body. What sources of energy “feed” the muscles, bones, organs? Reich believed that it is possible to accumulate vital energy, direct it where necessary. As a student of Freud, W. Reich studied the psychological aspects of man. In addition, the scientist has developed unique physiotherapy exercises.

Gymnastics “Reich’s sponge”

The Reich sponge is a unique exercise of its kind. It is quite long in time, it is performed once every 7 days. This is a kind of method that affects the centers of the body that regulate sexual tension. A properly executed Reich sponge helps to achieve maximum relaxation.

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“Reich’s Sponge” includes 5 stages

The 1st stage is given 5 – 10 minutes (it all depends on the physical parameters of the person). Starting position – lying on your back.

Raise your heels so that your fists touch them. Together with the heels, the pelvis and stomach will rise. Pull the pelvis as high as possible. It is desirable to reach a position where the pubis is at its highest point.

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We strive not only to fix the position, but all the time to continue reaching even higher. If we just keep the pose, after a while we will inevitably begin to descend.

Reich's sponge: an exercise that removes long-forgotten clamps

Stage 2 will take 5-10 minutes. We lower the heels, but at the same time we still raise the pelvis up.

Stage 3 lasts 10 – 20 minutes. We start the so-called ripple. Imagine that under our pelvis lies a tight rubber ball pushing the body up. We carry out movements up and down.

4th stage lasts 5-10 minutes. It is important to fully collect your own concentration and try to imagine a white glow. Ideally, it kind of lights up in the groin area, while its rays are scattered in different directions. We place the pelvis on the floor and in this position we bring and raise our knees.

5th – the shortest – 5 minutes. We lie down in a comfortable position until we completely relax.

Wilhelm Reich was seriously concerned with the subtle aspects of the human body. He is the author of a whole system, including a variety of exercises. Thanks to gymnastics “Reich’s sponge” it is quite possible to improve health. The energy that Reich discovered is vital for everyone, especially if it is properly balanced and controlled. Published by

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