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Rural garden in Russian

The Russian-style rural garden is cozy and does not require complex maintenance. An abundance of colors, naturalness and charming ease are characteristic of a typical rural garden.

The breadth of soul, hospitality, recognized by everyone as the main features of the national mentality, leave an imprint on the layout of the garden. Russian gardens from time immemorial offered a reasonable combination of beauty and benefit. Practicality is not an obstacle to creating a truly beautiful and even sophisticated garden.

Russian gardens

Outbuildings – sheds, a bathhouse, a workshop, a gazebo, a cellar, a garage – play the role of a kind of centers around which not only life revolves, the main landscape compositions are also tied to them. The frequent presence of a large number of guests leaves a visible imprint on the site. Gazebos, sheds, terraces, outdoor dining areas create an atmosphere of comfort and family warmth in the garden.

Fruit trees are always appropriate in such a garden: three to five apple trees, two or three pears and several cherries, as well as berry bushes: black and red currants, gooseberries, traditional for Russian gardens, and, of course, raspberries. A small vegetable garden of several neat beds with spicy herbs, intended rather to decorate the dining table, will complement the rural flavor of the summer cottage.

Rural garden in Russian
The garden will be decorated with mixed flower beds made up of simple, familiar perennial flowers: garden chamomile, dicentra, bells, multi-colored lupins, delphiniums, harbingers of autumn golden balls (rudbeckia), aconites, catchments, phlox. Such a flower garden is well complemented by annuals – marigolds, nasturtium, cosmea, petunia, Turkish carnations, flax and, of course, annual asters in all their diversity.

You can’t do without aromatic matthiola, scented tobacco. Sweet peas, loach (morning glory), hops or honeysuckle look great, hanging around the terrace, fence or support. Unpretentious flowering shrubs – lilac, jasmine, honeysuckle, are quite appropriate. Naturally located, these shrubs will give the garden an unconditionally Russian flavor.

Do not give up roses, but do not be tempted by hybrid tea beauties, they are inappropriate in a rural garden. Plant a few bushes of the so-called old roses – they are more reminiscent of a simple rosehip and have a pleasant aroma that intensifies in the evening hours. Climbing roses are also suitable.

Usually in a rural garden there are a lot of flowers and they are planted tightly, which gives the impression of some neglect of the garden. Flowers can be placed not only on flower beds and flower beds, but also in the near-stem circles of fruit trees.

Rural garden in Russian

The flower beds in the Russian garden are made up according to the principle of variegated bouquets of garden “herbs”, where traditional primroses, irises, peonies, bells, cornflowers, chamomiles, lilies, asters, phlox come to the fore. The inclusion of ornamental grasses, wormwood, toadflax, and yarrow makes the flower garden even more similar to the epic Russian herbalist. In a special composition, you can collect medicinal and herbal herbs, harmoniously combining beauty and benefits.

Russian country style is impossible without a group of weeping birches, dark firs, ornate mountain ash and maples.

In a rural garden there is always a use for old things that have already served their time. An old wheelbarrow, a watering can, a basin, a trough or even a bucket can be painted in a bright color, filled with garden soil, planted flowers in this container and “forget” such a flower garden in some secluded corner of the garden. A dilapidated wooden staircase nailed to the wall of a house can be turned into a trellis by curling with sweet peas. However, you should not be too zealous: you must admit that the tires from the car look somewhat foreign on the site, even if flowers, garden strawberries or pumpkin grow in them.

Rural garden in Russian

Wood processed in any way is the best material for garden buildings in the Russian style. Granite boulders protruding from the grass will evoke associations with the Urals or Karelia. Good and low rockeries from a granite boulder.

The remaining space can be sown with a lawn. In a rural garden, it is permissible to lay not a parterre, but a Moorish lawn, which is much easier to care for. It all comes down to sowing, watering and monthly fertilizing. In its composition and texture, the Moorish lawn resembles a flowering meadow, which is very useful in a rural garden. Another solution would be a lawn, which requires occasional mowing.

Some negligence in the appearance of the garden does not mean randomness of plantings and a complete lack of plant care. The layout of the garden, stylized as a country one, is not complicated, but at the same time it is logical. The site is divided into natural functional areas: garden, vegetable garden, front garden, utility area. All unite tracks are usually a simple device.

The material for the coating is inexpensive: plant bark (sometimes the bark is replaced with technological chips), sand, gravel, granite seedlings. In order for the path to have a shape, you can make a side from a wooden block, chipped brick or stone. Garden furniture made of wood or metal and garden decorations (lanterns, bird feeders, pergolas, sundials) of the same simple shape. published by econet.ru

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