Sanguine and choleric compatibility in relationships and love

How compatible are the types of character choleric and sanguine? Will their owners be able to get along under one roof? Will they be passionate lovers or loyal friends? Are people with these temperaments able to work together, form a team? Or should they stay “on opposite sides”?

To understand these difficult issues, you need to imagine what exactly a person’s temperament is, on what it depends and how it manifests itself. And, of course, one should understand what specific features a person’s characters have. Choleric, sanguine – are they antipodes or not, for example?

What is temperament? Definition

The Latin word temperamentum is translated as “a stable mixture of different components.” This expression underlies the definition of this psychological concept.

Human temperament is a stable combination of psychophysiological qualities of a personality and its individual characteristics, which manifests itself in dynamic forms of activity.

This set of qualities is the basis, the foundation for the formation of character, and, accordingly, it determines behavior. Physiologists believe that this set of qualities inherent in every personality is nothing more than a type of manifestation of nervous activity, of course, the highest.

How many types of temperaments are there?

The number of types of temperaments is a question, paradoxically, controversial. In Western civilization, it is generally accepted that there are four of them. However, in the East, they talk about five types of sets of properties inherent in the human person.

What is the reason for such a different view of human characters? With the views on the structure of the world as a whole, established in ancient times. In ancient times, the so-called “four-component system” of world perception developed in the Mediterranean. Its formation and development was influenced by the works of such famous scientists of the past as Hippocrates, Galen. And in ancient eastern civilizations, the philosophers perceived the environment around people differently, so there was an idea of ​​the five main components of the universe.

In modern psychology, they adhere to the Western concept and divide the personality traits characteristic of people into four main types.

What are temperaments called?

Psychologists distinguish the following temperaments of people:

  • sanguine;
  • choleric;
  • phlegmatic person;
  • melancholic.

However, people with a “pure” type of character are very rare. As a rule, a person has features of all four temperaments. But in varying degrees of severity. That is, the qualities of a pair of character sets usually prevail, but one type is more pronounced than the second.

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How to define temperament?

Psychologists have developed an incredibly large number of different methods and tests, with the help of which you can quickly and easily understand what type of temperament prevails in a person’s character. But how to define a choleric person, a sanguine person or another type of personality at the time of acquaintance? After all, not everyone is ready to ask the interlocutor to pass a psychological test.

At first glance, it may seem that this task is impossible. And it is simply impossible to understand at the beginning of an acquaintance what type of temperament a person has and what to expect from him. But this is not at all the case. Each type of character is endowed with certain, easily recognizable qualities that appear immediately. Accordingly, in order to understand with whom you have to communicate and how to build relationships with this person, you should just carefully observe him.

Expressive facial expressions

But, of course, you need to imagine the main features of each temperament. This knowledge will come in handy and determine compatibility if necessary. Sanguine and choleric are two types of characters that are much easier to recognize than others. The owners of these temperaments constantly demonstrate to others a number of specific traits and qualities.

What is he, choleric?

A person with this type of temperament never goes unnoticed. He is very emotional, interested in the interlocutor or the issue under discussion, active and often interrupts. The choleric’s speech is accompanied by impulsive gestures, he speaks quickly, thinks the same way and sometimes jumps from one topic to another.

However, these people fade out at the same rate as they light up. Choleric people rarely bring to their logical conclusion both the business they have begun and personal relationships, even an ordinary conversation can “hang” in the middle. These people are quickly depleted emotionally and lose interest, embark on a search for new experiences.

Choleric man "on fire"

Choleric has incredible performance, but he is a sprinter. This person can easily make an annual plan in one day, but after that he will recover his strength for several months. People with such a character are not able to evenly distribute either their own strengths or time. They need to get, do, spend everything at once, and then set off in search of new hobbies.

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What is he, sanguine?

When questions arise about compatibility, a sanguine person and a choleric person seem to be the perfect couple. A person with a predominance of sanguine traits in character is very hot, emotional and able, as they say, to go headlong both into love and into work or hobby.

Sanguine people have a high reaction rate to everything that happens around them. These people are very responsive and easily empathize with others, both in troubles and in joys. But at the same time, people with this type of temperament are not capable of deep and long feelings, they are always ready to put up with failure, forget about it and move on through life. Such people are often called optimists.

Sanguine optimistic man

A sanguine person will never suffer from unrequited love, and he will not “burn out” at work. If this person does not succeed the first time, he will simply change his occupation. In a conversation, these people gesture little, they are not inclined to interrupt the interlocutor. They have very expressive facial expressions, sometimes you might think that sanguine people are constantly grimacing.

Are choleric people compatible with sanguine people in love?

If a sanguine person and a choleric person met, compatibility in love, at first glance, seems obvious and complete. People with these temperaments are incredibly similar. They literally have the same attitude to life and often adhere to a similar rhythm and regime.

However, not everything is as simple as it seems. If we are talking about a short, stormy, passionate romance or flirting, then, of course, there is just perfect compatibility between these people. A sanguine person and a choleric person in a long, long-term relationship is almost a utopia. That is, these people can not count on a happy marriage and a strong family.

A woman and a man

This tendency is due precisely to the similarity of these characters. Choleric is extremely quickly inflamed, but also fades away. This means that you will have to constantly fight for his attention and love, find an opportunity to give him new impressions, invariably arouse interest.

But this behavior is alien to sanguine people. People with this temperament are not fighters, they will not insist on anything or “knock on closed gates”. Sanguine people will not be particularly upset if they lose interest in them. They will not overcome difficulties or “work on relationships”, but simply leave in search of new love.

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Are choleric people compatible with sanguine people in friendship?

It would seem that if a long and lasting love relationship between sanguine and choleric people does not work out, then there can be no talk of real friendship.

However, there is nothing more relative in psychology than compatibility. Sanguine and choleric are people who are able to be friends throughout their lives. Friends are not spouses or lovers. The basis of this type of relationship is the mutual exchange of information and the similarity of life positions, views, priorities.

Emotional communication

Namely, these two types of temperaments differ in this similarity. Moreover, a choleric person and a sanguine person who have survived a period of romantic relationships very often do not part as enemies, but, on the contrary, begin to make friends. These people find it easy to solve questions like what to talk about, what to discuss, and what to do.

Can choleric people work with sanguine people?

Can a choleric person and a sanguine person work productively together? Compatibility in relationships between people with these types of temperaments is very high. Accordingly, they will be comfortable doing something together.

However, the question of how good a team these people will become has no definite answer. On the one hand, this cooperation leads to good results, since they harmoniously complement each other and instantly find a common language, mutual understanding always reigns between them.

But what happens the moment the choleric burns out? A sanguine person is initially willing to accept both success and failure. Punching qualities in people with this type of character are almost absent. Accordingly, the union of a choleric and a sanguine person is not advisable in every situation.

Choleric at work

Speaking about character compatibility, you need to understand that this concept is very relative. The reasoning of psychologists and their conclusions are based on the characteristics of “pure” types of temperament, and in life there are practically no such types. Accordingly, a choleric person and a sanguine person may well create a strong family, not find common interests for friendship, or successfully work on complex and boring projects. All this completely depends on what personality traits are “diluted” with the traits of the prevailing type of character.

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