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Sauna stove: What affects the cost?

We will find out what factors affect the cost of a sauna stove and how you can save money by buying this most important attribute of a steam room.

Everyone who is faced with the choice of a stove for his bath is surprised to learn that the price range for them is very large.

What determines the cost of a sauna stove

The price issue, you see, remains one of the most significant and significant. Let’s talk about this in more detail.

1. Immediately, we note that wood-burning stoves are on average half the price of electric ones. And in operation it is much more economical, because firewood can be prepared and chopped by yourself. Therefore, zealous owners always choose wood-burning stoves. In addition, electricity is trivial, and in the bath you want to create a more comfortable, natural atmosphere. And what could be nicer than firewood crackling in the firebox!

Sauna stove: What affects the cost?

2. The second important criterion affecting the cost is power. On average, for each additional 1 kW of power of a wood-burning stove, you will have to pay 2 thousand rubles. And the more you have a bath with a steam room, the more powerful you need a stove to quickly warm up the whole room.

Sauna stove: What affects the cost?

3. Is the oven faced with brick or stone? The cost will increase several times at once! For example, covering a 7 kW furnace with talc-magnesite modules (which is not much) costs about 40 thousand rubles.

Sauna stove: What affects the cost?

4. What is the firebox made of? The thicker the walls of this “heart” of the furnace, the higher the price of the entire unit. At the same time, the presence of a grate made of cast iron will raise the price by only a thousand rubles, and it will bring a lot of benefits, extending the life of the furnace. Compare: a stove with a furnace made of steel up to 2 millimeters thick costs about 12 thousand rubles, and from steel 6 millimeters thick – already about 20 thousand rubles. But such fireboxes keep heat much longer and serve for a long time.

5. The presence of a water tank, which is necessary if you want a Russian bath, will raise the price of the stove by about 2.5 thousand rubles.

Sauna stove: What affects the cost?

6. The presence of a heat exchanger. It allows you to connect the water circuit to the stove and get hot water in the shower. And where without him in a good bath! True, the heat exchanger will additionally cost at least 6 thousand rubles.

Sauna stove: What affects the cost?

7. To get rid of the need to splash water on stones every time, you can buy a stove with a special evaporator. Plus at least 2 thousand rubles to the unit price. In addition, electric ovens are most often equipped with evaporators, and they are initially more expensive.

8. Do you want to admire the flames and buy a stove with a glass door? Get ready to pay extra for this option from 2 to 5 thousand rubles. A through firebox will cost even more, allowing you to admire the fire from both the steam room and the rest room, the dressing room.

Agree that on some additional options, such as a glass door and stone cladding, you can really save money. But you cannot save on the quality of the firebox and power! Otherwise, your steam room will not be as hot as you would like. published by econet.ru

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