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Seam roof and facade: coating features

The seam roof and facade are perfectly combined with all building materials and fit into the design of any home.

Everything new is well forgotten old. This wisdom is more relevant than ever when it comes to construction. Until recently, folded roofing could only be seen on social buildings; today, not a single industry publication, exhibition or portfolio of an architect can do without it. Nevertheless, the growing demand for rebate is not just a tribute to fashion, but an objective reaction to the emergence of new generation roofing materials.

About seam roofing

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In combination with the characteristics of the lock connection itself, they gave the rebate a stylish appearance, simplified installation, and improved consumer characteristics. With the participation of a Severstal specialist, we will consider: the features of folded roofs and folded facades, as well as the reasons why these solutions are increasingly common in country houses and commercial buildings.

Fold features

Rebate is a special type of seam that connects metal sheets (pictures) used for roofing or facade construction. The difference between the fold in the tongue-and-groove connection, which is realized due to the bending of the lateral surface of one or both “stitched” elements. In the first case, we are talking about a simple, single fold, in the second, about a more perfect and technologically advanced double fold. The roof (facade) formed by metal sheets assembled in this way without through fastenings is called folded. Its main advantage is a monolithic protective and decorative coating, tightness and strength of seams and the absence of technological holes in the metal.

Modern technologies for working with metal allow you to individually determine the size of the picture – in accordance with the object – directly on the construction site. This eliminates the need for horizontal sheet joining. The roofer, using an expensive special rolling machine, connects the paintings along the length with a double standing seam, which allows a waterproof, durable seam to be obtained. And fixation on hidden clamps ensures that there is no corrosion at the attachment points.

The seam roof has other advantages:

  • Long service life;
  • Maximum tightness and waterproofness;
  • High level of fire safety;
  • The ability to implement architectural solutions with complex geometry;
  • A light weight;
  • High decorativeness, due to both the fold itself and the wide range of colors and the choice of textures.

But even without flaws anywhere:

  • The complex installation process requires certain skills and specialized equipment or contacting professionals;
  • The roofing cake should include an insulating layer with high sound absorption parameters, since metal conducts sound well;
  • The coating is demanding on the base.

Seam roof and facade: coating features

Naturally, the advantages of the rebate are revealed only if the technology is observed in all aspects, from the choice of roofing products and the preparation of the base, and ending with the laying of the coating. And the absence of perforation in the metal is a guarantee of the durability of the roof, especially in our climatic conditions.

New features of proven material

In addition to the purely technical side of the issue, there is also a visual component – longitudinal pictures with smooth ridges without joints and seams look presentable. And such a roof is able to decorate both a house in a modern minimalist style and a classic cottage. With the advent of rolled steel with a polymer protective layer, the durability of the fold increased and its decorative properties improved: a variety of colors and an original surface texture.

Seam roof and facade: coating features

In addition to their presentable appearance, these coatings have good technical characteristics.

  • The minimum thickness of the steel base is 0.5 mm.
  • Zinc coating class – 180-275 g / m² (with a standard minimum of 140 g / m²).
  • The thickness of the polymer layer is 30-50 microns.
  • The guarantee against perforation corrosion is 50 years (taking into account the absence of perforation in the rebate, this period is significantly increased).

Why a fold on the facade of a private house

From which part of the structure the rebate is used, its characteristics do not change – it remains airtight and solid both on the roof and on the walls. At the same time, the rather unusual look of the paintings adds originality to the facade.

Seam roof and facade: coating features

Seamed facades are especially relevant on modern houses in the Barnhouse style, which are gradually turning from a curiosity into commonplace both in the segment of private suburban housing construction and in the segment of small commercial forms.

Photo roof and facade rebate at the restaurant
A distinctive feature of the style is the absence of overhangs that protect the walls, and the strict metal cladding is a reliable barrier against moisture and wind.

If a few years ago examples of the implementation of such solutions could be seen only on foreign websites or in exhibition pavilions, today a fold on the facade has appeared among the participants of our portal.


Fold is a universal roofing and façade covering that provides reliable protection, coupled with a presentable look. And thanks to the possibility of molding pictures from high-quality rolled products directly at the facility, almost any design solution can be realized. As for the price of the issue, everything is relative, but exclusive, with a service life of half a century, is definitely worth the money spent. published by econet.ru

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