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Serrapeptase: an enzyme for lung health

The enzyme serrapeptase is obtained from bacteria that live in the intestines of silkworms. Serrapeptase is effective in ensuring the body’s response to injury, strengthening the immune defense, improving the condition of blood vessels and upper respiratory tract.

Enzymes can be used as useful nutritional supplements, for example, for the normal function of the respiratory system. In this case, the special enzyme serrapeptase will help.

Serrapeptase has health benefits

Serrapeptase is a food supplement with enzymes for normalizing respiratory functions (relieving symptoms of sinusitis, inflammation, nasal congestion). What other health benefits does this enzyme provide?

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Description of serrapeptase

This enzyme is made from a bacteria called Serratia marcescens. Their habitat is the intestines of silkworms. A cocoon woven by a silkworm is natural silk. The latter contains a protein fibroin on the adhesive layer of another protein sericin. Serrapeptase can break it down without much difficulty.

Serrapeptase: an enzyme for lung health

So, serrapeptase has the ability to break down proteins… Oral enzymes (and serrapeptase too) are not damaged and enter the circulatory system, acting there.

Health Effects of Serrapeptase

Serrapeptase is used to ensure the body’s response to various injuries, to strengthen immunity, improve the state of blood vessels and respiratory organs.

Serapeptase and airway health

The mucous barrier is a powerful defense against various respiratory infections. Serrapeptase normalizes the condition of the mucous layer, while at the same time enhancing the secretion of mucus and its movement through the respiratory tract to be removed from the body.

Serrapeptase: an enzyme for lung health

Serrapeptase improves mucus secretion. It is prescribed to patients with thick mucus, which reduces its viscosity, but retains its elasticity. The combination of viscosity and elasticity is a key factor in the extent to which mucus works normally in protecting the respiratory system from various microbes and mechanical particles.

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By decreasing viscosity, this enzyme minimizes mucus buildup, reducing the risk of bacterial infection.

It should be said that serrapeptase has a positive effect on the mucus of the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Side effect

Serrapeptase demonstrates an excellent level of safety and does not cause significant adverse reactions. Since this enzyme has the ability to reduce blood clotting, it is not combined with medications that act on the formation of platelets.

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