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Simple exercises that rejuvenate the entire body

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor and Founder of Space Medicine Ivan Pavlovich Neumyvakin, became the creator of a healthy lifestyle system. It includes universal methods of preventing and treating diseases: proper nutrition, cleansing the body, massages, gymnastic and breathing exercises.

This is the minimum workout program you should do every day and you will soon feel better, energized and healthier. These exercises do not require a lot of time, special training and expensive equipment.

Rejuvenation workout program

Stimulating the lymphatic system

1. After waking up and the morning toilet, lie down on a hard surface and perform isotonic muscle contractions – strain and relax the muscles first of the whole body, then in parts.

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2. Use your palms to rub the entire surface of your body to activate the lymphatic system to cleanse cellular waste. Pay special attention to the feet, as they have active points – projections of all internal organs and systems. Rubbing these points helps to improve the functioning of the whole body.… Be sure to massage your head and ears.

Simple exercises that rejuvenate the entire body

3. This stimulating technique will help to eliminate congestion in the legs, serves as the prevention of coxarthrosis, flat feet and osteoporosis. Helps prevent varicose veins, edema and the risk of trophic ulcers. Bend one leg and pull your foot toward you. With the foot of your other leg, massage your thigh and calf muscles. Change legs and repeat. Press your feet together and move back and forth, trying to keep your knees flat on the floor.

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Simple exercises that rejuvenate the entire body

4. To prevent stagnation in the pelvic area, to strengthen the muscular frame, perform “walking on the buttocks.” Try to move vigorously forward, then back. Now you can simply dance to your favorite music, swing your legs in different directions, rotate your pelvis.

Simple exercises that rejuvenate the entire body

Correct breathing

Inhale lightly and quickly with your belly. Now exhale very slowly, without haste, while simultaneously pulling the navel towards the spine. Try to do it as slowly as you can, this will improve the performance of the entire diaphragm. Belly breathing will help speed up the pumping of fluid from the bottom up through the lymphatic system and massage the internal organs of the chest and abdomen.

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