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Snakes on the site: precautions

Let’s figure out what kind of snakes we can meet in the country, how to avoid danger and what measures to take to protect against them.

Unfortunately, not always pleasant meetings await ours in our summer cottage or garden plot. Seeing a snake in your garden is not only scary, but also dangerous!

How to get rid of snakes at their summer cottage

In our country there are snakes, coppers, snakes and vipers. In particular, in the Moscow region you can find snakes, copperheads and vipers. Snakes are not poisonous and the maximum they threaten you with is fright. True, they can bite, but this is just a puncture of the skin, which should be treated with an antiseptic, for example, hydrogen peroxide.

The copperhead theoretically has a toxin that acts on its main prey – lizards. But he is not dangerous to humans. So with a bite of a copperhead, you can also limit yourself to treating the wound with antiseptics and taking an antihistamine, just in case.

But a viper bite can lead to anaphylactic shock and death! It will be necessary to urgently call an ambulance, report the bite and administer an antidote. As a result, you can end up in the hospital for a whole month.

In general, when a viper bites, you should proceed as follows:

  • Call an ambulance, reporting a meeting with a snake.
  • Take two to three tablets of an antihistamine. Not aspirin!
  • Drinking water in small sips, alcohol, tea and coffee are prohibited.
  • Move less so that the poison spreads more slowly throughout the body.

Sucking poison out of a wound is a controversial remedy. What if you or the savior have a wound in your mouth? In the stomach and mouth, the poison is neutralized by gastric juice and saliva, yes, but still – it’s better not to risk it. In addition, this method can only help in the first five to ten minutes after the bite. Do not apply a tourniquet, pull the wound, this will lead to tissue infection.

Important! In spring, vipers are especially dangerous, the concentration of poison after hibernation is critically high. Then the danger increases during the mating season, when the snakes are especially aggressive.

Snakes on the site: precautions

Who is at risk of meeting snakes:

  1. Owners of plots in wetlands, near water bodies.
  2. The owners of the plots that border the forest.
  3. Inhabitants of sites that are adjacent to wastelands, abandoned dachas.

What attracts snakes to summer cottages:

  • Food availability. For example, rodents. If you have a lot of mice, lizards, or bird nests, beware of creeping guests.
  • The presence of secluded places. Most often, snakes hide in compost pits and heaps, under woodpiles of firewood, in tree roots, in thick tall grass and bushes, in heaps of debris, under boards and other building materials.

Snakes on the site: precautions

Of course, you can take precautions to protect yourself from snakes. For example, walking around the site only in rubber boots or sneakers, every time, before entering the barn, outdoor shower or toilet, knock on the door with a stick so that the snake has time to crawl away … But all this will cause inconvenience to the owners, agree! So it’s best to take more effective control measures:

  1. Put things in order at the site. Mow tall grass, cut off dense bushes, remove heaps of garbage, start a plastic container for compost, the choice of which the portal Rmnt.ru already wrote about. In addition, all building materials remaining on the site must be folded into the shed or in the attic, and the unnecessary ones must be taken out. In general, your main task is to ensure that the snakes have no secluded places to hide.
  2. Deprive the snake of food sources, get rid of rodents and moles in the area. Here are just frogs, toads, lizards, which vipers also feed on, it will be difficult to bring out.
  3. There should be no cracks in outbuildings, put a reliable door, on the floor – linoleum or a solid board, with plinths so that the snakes have no chance of crawling into your shed.
  4. Mow the lawn regularly. The very vibration from the lawn mower will scare away all living things in the area, and snakes especially do not like such noise. And they will have nowhere to hide.
  5. Near the woodpile, you can pour some kind of chemical agents or just spread mothballs.
  6. If there is an abandoned area near you, cut tall grass at least at the border! You can scatter rags soaked in herbicide or diesel fuel around the border to scare away unwanted guests.
  7. If you have a pile-screw foundation, the space under it should be cleaned, covered with geotextile, and covered with saltpeter.
  8. Install noisy scarers around the perimeter of the site, for example, metal weather vane, sticks with cans, cut plastic bottles. The noise will scare off snakes as well as moles.

Snakes on the site: precautions

Modern snake repellents have proven themselves well. There are universal ones that also help to get rid of moles and rodents. Some models run on solar panels and cost only about 800 rubles. Inexpensive for safety on the site, agree.

From folk methods, we can also recommend:

  • Scatter dry mustard in secluded corners where snakes can hide.
  • Plant garlic around the perimeter of the beds, the smell of which snakes do not like.
  • Burn the car tire and scatter the ash from it in potential snake habitats.

Snakes on the site: precautions

It is good if you have cats and dogs on the site. The very smell of these animals and wool will scare away snakes. In addition, some cats and dogs, in particular the Jagd Terrier breed, are good reptile hunters. But would you want to risk your pet’s life and health? Great question.

Hedgehogs will become enemies of snakes. In fact, cute-looking hedgehogs are formidable predators that are not afraid of snakes and will willingly eat them. A saucer of milk and other treats will help you lure hedgehogs. But be prepared for the hedgehogs to feast on your strawberries.

Important! Found on the site an old snake skin, abandoned after molting? Throw away with a shovel! Otherwise, the snake will return to the same place.

Snakes on the site: precautions

You can turn to professional herpetologists who will catch creeping reptiles and take them with them. In addition, there are services to help treat the site with special anti-snake agents.

Do not kill snakes with a shovel or other garden tools! This is inhumane, snakes are also beneficial by destroying harmful insects. In addition, its relatives can crawl to the smell of a dying snake. In addition, the common copperhead, for example, is listed in the Red Data Books of a number of Russian regions, including the Moscow region. So, mistaking her for a viper, you can kill a rare and generally harmless animal. published by econet.ru

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