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Strategies to help keep your brain healthy for years

Experts believe that leptin and insulin sensitivity should be optimized for the prevention of neurological disorders, including Parkinson’s disease, and for a long active life. Exercise, a low-carb diet rich in healthy fat and moderate protein, and intermittent fasting can help solve many health problems.

What contributes to health and longevity?

The inclusion of organic foods in the diet – Nutrition should be based on whole, unprocessed, organic and preferably local foods. It is advisable that most of the food consisted of raw vegetables and fruits to enhance the body’s insulin response.

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Increased vitamin D – scientists have found a relationship between vitamin D deficiency and the development of Parkinson’s disease in the early stages. The best source of vitamin is sunlight, the norm in blood is 50-70 ng / ml all year round.

Comprehensive exercise program – to improve your health, you need to do general strengthening workouts, strength gymnastics, well-chosen stretching, static and breathing exercises, as well as periodically high-intensity exercises.

Strategies to help keep your brain healthy for years

It is imperative to obtain a large amount of polyunsaturated acids from animal products – omega-3 fatty acids help protect brain cells. They have a wide range of positive effects, including preventing protein disturbances as a result of gene mutations in neurodegenerative pathologies, for example, Parkinson’s disease.

As far as possible limitation of the action of synthetic and toxic substances. You need to get rid of household chemicals – detergents, hygiene products, air fresheners, aerosols, insecticides and pesticides against insects. All chemicals should be replaced with simple natural non-toxic products of the same effect.

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The best way to limit the toxic effects on the body of pesticides associated with Parkinson’s disease is to eat organic foods. In addition, do not take drugs uncontrollably, and try to replace chemicals with natural therapies whenever possible.

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