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Strengthening Immunity: Quercetin, Zinc and Synergy with Vitamin C

Quercetin is a flavonoid that has positive health effects. It helps to strengthen the immune system, acts as a powerful antioxidant, and reduces inflammation. But that is not all. Quercetin is able to “combine” with vitamin C and function synergistically, showing high immunostimulating and antiviral results.

Strong immunity is the key to our health. What chemical compounds have a beneficial effect on the human immune response? Flavonoids can enhance the body’s response to environmental pollution and various biological problems. Quercetin is the most active of the flavonoids. This is how it works.

Quercetin, its valuable properties and vitamin C

4 health benefits of quercetin

1. Cellular protection

Quercetin works as a kind of “switch”, stimulating beneficial intracellular effects. These include cell repair, protection from injury and / or infection.

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2. Antioxidant action

Quercetin has significant antioxidant effects and enhances the antioxidant group of enzymes needed by the body during periods of biological stress (eg, inflammation or allergies).

3. Reducing inflammation

Quercetin inhibits the production and release of substances called inflammatory mediators.

4. Strengthening immunity

Quercetin has a positive effect on the body’s immune response and helps to strengthen the immune system of the respiratory system.

Strengthening Immunity: Quercetin, Zinc and Synergy with Vitamin C

Quercetin, zinc and synergy with vitamin C

Quercetin not only directly protects the body from viral infection, it works as an ionophore, promoting the delivery of free, unbound zinc (Zn) into cells.

In the ionic state, the trace element zinc (Zn) inhibits the replication of a number of viruses. When viruses infect a cell, it introduces part of its genetic code and an enzyme to replicase, thereby allowing the virus to multiply. Zinc (Zn) blocks replicase and, therefore, the harmful spread of the virus.

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But for zinc (Zn) to demonstrate this effect on viral replicase, it depends on the cell membrane channel, which allows the ion to penetrate into the cell. Quercetin works as a zinc ionophore (Zn), increasing the amount of ionic zinc in cells and preventing viral replication. This property of quercetin is manifested in a decrease in the number of respiratory tract infections.

Another compound associated with quercetin is vitamin C. When vitamin C and quercetin are “combined”, their immunostimulatory and antiviral effects work synergistically to perform better than separately.

Vitamin C can restore quercetin in the body. When an antioxidant neutralizes free radicals, it becomes inactive. And vitamin C converts quercetin back to its active form.

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