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Strong-willed gymnastics of academician Mikulin

Strong-willed gymnastics, developed by Academician Alexander Mikulin, helps to tighten the face oval and restore elasticity to the skin. Special exercises for muscles effectively eliminate wrinkles, make age-related changes less noticeable without “beauty” injections and plastic surgery.

Volitional gymnastics is a set of simple exercises that are easy to master on your own and perform at home. It is recommended to combine it with anti-aging treatments and beneficial thermal massage. An integrated approach triggers the recovery and restoration of collagen fibers, allowing you to prolong the youthfulness of the face.

The basics of volitional gymnastics

In adolescence, the muscles of the face retain their elasticity and are constantly trained due to our active facial expressions, conversation, and frequent chewing. They are stimulated by natural biocurrents and nerve impulses, which fade away with age. A decrease in load and natural aging of the body makes them less elastic, flabby, a double chin and expression lines appear.

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The basic principle of volitional gymnastics is the stimulation of electrical nerve impulses, which from the inside make the muscles more elastic, keep them in good shape. A simple exercise takes no more than 2 minutes, but effectively restores youth:

  • While straining the muscles as much as possible, it is necessary to lift the cheeks up, as if directing them to the temples and eyes.
  • Try to tighten the muscles that are responsible for the smile, so that the tips of the lips are drawn in and tightly against the teeth.
  • Repeat 8 times for each muscle group without rushing.
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Strong-willed gymnastics of academician Mikulin

During the exercise, tension may occur to a slight chill. If done correctly, a feeling of increased tone may appear in the neck and chin.… It is better to do volitional gymnastics during morning hygiene in front of a mirror, after applying an anti-aging cream.

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The combination of strong-willed gymnastics with thermal massage helps to increase the efficiency and quickly tighten the muscle corset. It tones up small blood vessels, improves blood circulation and skin nutrition. It can be done after exercise:

  • A terry cloth is moistened in boiling water, applied to the face for 20-30 seconds.
  • Quickly change the hot napkin to cold, moistened with ice water, leave for a minute.
  • Repeat 3 times.

The daily performance of all procedures and volitional gymnastics requires no more than 10 minutes, but a positive effect appears only with daily repetition. The face quickly acquires a healthy and blooming appearance, puffiness and flabbiness disappears, enlarged pores decrease. This can replace expensive mesotherapy and painful procedures of a beautician. Published by

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