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Summer cuisine. From simple to complex

Today we’ll talk about interesting ideas for arranging a summer kitchen in the country.

When warm weather days come, we strive to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air – especially in the country. But you still want to eat … Therefore, the idea of ​​building a summer kitchen sooner or later visits, probably, any summer resident. We dream that both cooking and country lunches-dinners-tea drinking take place as close as possible to nature, so that you can slowly enjoy delicious food, admire the creation of your own hands, inhale the aromas of a blooming garden and listen to birdsong …

Arrangement of a summer kitchen

  • Hearth
  • Water
  • Furniture
  • Dishes

You can find a great variety of ideas for arranging a summer kitchen in the country – from modest to luxurious and refined; from extensions to the country house to independent structures; open areas, sheds, and solid structures made of wood or brick are possible here …

But today I want to talk with you, friends, a little about something else … Probably, many people are familiar with the story: when you think about building something in the country, you want to immediately do it “for centuries.” So that it is reliable, and beautiful, and comfortable, and stylish … Only everything you want together is also very expensive. This is what often stops …

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

You can find a great variety of ideas for arranging a summer kitchen in the country.
I would like to immediately do it reliably, beautifully, conveniently, and stylishly …

Let’s try differently. Let’s start with the simplest – almost free – options. Then we will gradually improve, improve, transform … But the main thing is that for the sake of which everything is started: fresh air, singing of birds, the beauty of the surrounding country nature – we will get it right away!

Well, yes, skeptics will tell us: for a long time, they say, it has been known that nothing is more permanent than temporary – just as you cook up a simple hearth, you will be content with it. Well, this is possible … But if right now there is no extra money for a serious construction, and the summer season is already there, and you want barbecue outdoors, tea in the garden and other similar summer cottage joys, why not bring your dream closer with affordable means ?.. Getting started!


The fiery heart of any cuisine is a hearth. A stove, a stove, a kerosene stove – anything, in fact, just to allow you to cook food. We have already discussed in detail how to equip a campfire site in the country. And in my opinion, even if over time you will have a “real” summer kitchen, this does not negate a good, comfortable campfire site. Baked potatoes, ukha from a pot – those who like such “delights” will most likely agree with me.

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

Well, everyone can build a simple campfire site from scrap materials. The disadvantage of this method of cooking is in its relative laboriousness: you need to prepare firewood, make a fire, correctly place the kettles and constantly monitor the process: so that nothing tilts over, does not burn …

If the chores don’t inspire you, you might consider purchasing a portable gas stove designed for tourists.

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

This “haste” option will suit those who value simplicity, speed and convenience. Romance is good, but summer cottage time is literally “worth its weight in gold”, and this inexpensive device will help save it.

It is more rational to purchase a model equipped with a special adapter – it allows you to connect to a portable stove not only special small cans (which are usually enough for 40-90 minutes of work, depending on the volume), but also standard household gas cylinders.

Lovers of barbecue, of course, will take care of the grill.

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

Depending on your skills, availability of materials and budget, you can choose the optimal design – the one that will allow you to pamper yourself with an appetizing barbecue at your favorite summer cottage in the coming weekend. If over time you want something more “chic” – no one bothers to replace the original version.

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

But as the summer cottage experience suggests, the taste of the barbecue and the pleasure of the process still depend not on where to cook it – on an expensive designer barbecue or on a simple cheap construction. Here the secret is different, do you agree?

An outdoor stove is an option for those who are serious. Correctly chosen and correctly folded, it will allow you to cook a full meal, and even bake pies.

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

But since the structure is capital, solid, then it is necessary to approach it, as the old proverb advises: “Measure seven times – cut once.” It will not be so easy to remake what suddenly turns out to be inconvenient, unsuccessful – this is not an iron brazier from place to place to rearrange. So it makes sense to start building a stove, perhaps, only when you have already completely decided on the layout of the site, and with your summer cottage life. If there is barely enough time on a short weekend to have a quick bite between gardening chores, then maybe it is not worth building such a fundamental hearth? ..

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

And of course, no one cancels the achievements of modern technology: there are multicooker, bread maker – everything that is designed to facilitate the work of the hostess. Someone also has main gas supplied … In a word, depending on our tastes, culinary preferences, possibilities, current budget and other circumstances, we can always choose and combine options at our discretion. The main thing is not to put off your dream of a summer kitchen any longer, but to take the first step towards its realization today! Well, we are moving on …


Well, you can’t do without it: wash dishes, peel vegetables, cook soup, boil tea – everywhere you need water.

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

It’s great if there is a water supply in the country. We bring the pipe to the place where we intend to equip the summer kitchen, install the sink (not forgetting to take care of where the water will drain later) – and everything is fine. No running water on the site? But there are buckets! Maybe to some it seems an anachronism, but it also happens …

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

It is advisable to store the supply of water (from a well or a column) in closed containers so that any debris does not fall into them. Always have a handy bucket (or large mug) close at hand. Well, in this case, we cannot do without a good old washstand.

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

There is probably no need to say much here. I will dwell on only one nuance. It happens (especially if the water does not flow through the pipes by itself), you want to make it “simpler”. It seems – yes, the house is nearby, I can wash and clean what I need there, but in my improvised summer kitchen I will manage with a basin of water – why do I still need supplies, washbasins …

You realize your mistake quite quickly – two or three “runs” to the house with the notorious basin are enough. So there is water! Even in a bucket or a tank. Well, over time, maybe we’ll live to see this:

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex


Even if we agree to cook over a fire and carry water from a well, we cannot do without furniture – otherwise what kind of kitchen is this? Where should the hostess put the food, where should the pan be placed? And where do we settle down to start the long-awaited meal? No, without furniture, too …

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

What do we need? The table is probably at least one. Benches (chairs, stools, armchairs …) – according to the number of potential companions. If there is another shelf for dishes, the hostess will definitely thank you. Of course, an unassuming summer resident is able to concoct a culinary masterpiece in almost any conditions, but why make things difficult for yourself?

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

Moreover, simple country furniture can be made literally out of nothing: trim boards left over from a construction site, old boxes, hemp from sawed-down trees are excellent materials for real furniture masterpieces.

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

If there is an opportunity to buy ready-made country furniture for a summer kitchen – great. If not, the publication of 10 pallet garden craft ideas will show you how to turn ordinary cargo pallets into elegant tables and chairs, and a master class from one of our Garden Chair readers will help you turn an old home furnishing item into a stylish chaise longue.

By the way, they also don’t like firewood when they put them on the ground, especially if they are in reserve. So we will definitely need a stand for them.


Why did I decide that it is worth talking about this separately? Because this topic is not as simple as it seems at first glance. I propose to discard the idea of ​​disposable plates and cups right away: it is good for a picnic in the forest (so as not to lug heavy kitchen utensils with you) or for a spontaneous friendly party (so as not to bother the hostess washing the plates while the whole company is having fun). If we equip a summer kitchen for ourselves and our loved ones, it is worth using traditional dishes.

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

No, no, don’t get me wrong: I am not suggesting at all to acquire a separate dinner service for the country dinners. But also very much for hiking options, like this one:

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

I think we will not go over. Let’s find the “golden mean” …

The first thing to consider if we are going to cook food on an open fire or on coals: not all dishes are suitable for this. Not only does the pot or kettle get smoky, but the enamel is likely to crack, unable to withstand the heat, and the plastic will melt. And it’s better to think about such “details” in advance.

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

The second important point: if there is at least some opportunity to protect kitchen utensils from rain and dust, it is good to have a separate set of dishes for your summer kitchen, which will be stored here all season. Why? To save your own time and energy: it is not too rational to drag plates and pots back and forth every time. Moreover, for some reason it always turns out that they forgot to bring the most necessary things again.

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

This thought again brings us back to the topic of kitchen furniture: some kind of bedside table or cabinet, as we see, will be very useful to us here. But it’s not too difficult, is it?

So, having considered the idea of ​​a summer kitchen in detail and in detail, I think we are convinced: there is no more reason to postpone the realization of your dream! We are quite capable of doing everything we need with our own hands, but we will strive for perfection.

Of course, I want everything to look something like this:

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

Although in practice this design may look a little different … Even something like this:

Summer cuisine.  From simple to complex

Yes, this is a joke. But do not be intimidated by the scale of your dream, even if now it seems incredibly far from reality. Start with what’s available today. Rejoice in every step that brings you closer to the perfect picture drawn by your imagination. And it will certainly come true!

By the way, the plus of this approach is that you can adjust your ideas about “good” and “correct” summer cuisine based on practical experience. Indeed, often what looks spectacular in a photograph, in our personal reality, turns out to be not very convenient or functional. published by econet.ru

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