Survival rules. 10 ways to reach paycheck

Everyone, probably, has come across the fact that you still have to live and live before the salary, but your pocket is already empty. The situation is unpleasant, but not critical. You can get out of it without the help of a bank or third parties. We will tell you how to save yourself from hunger and despondency.

1. Nothing is something
First of all, count how much is left. Little or almost nothing has a specific numerical meaning. Check the balance of the card, rummage through the pockets, audit the bags and knock out the property. As a rule, the amount is sufficient to correctly distribute it to food and transport (for example, to work).

2. Scrape the bottom of the barrel
In the “empty refrigerator”, as in the “empty wallet”, you can find a lot of edible things – for example, canned food. As well as on the shelves in the closet – half a pack (or even whole) of buckwheat, rice and pasta will be for sure. A couple of potatoes and onions will also be scraped somewhere. Again, seaming – it’s time to roll them out. If you collect all the edibles in a heap and move your brains a little, it is quite possible to come up with a varied menu for the week.

3. Fasting days
By the way, the last days before paycheck are a great time to detox. You can sit on cereals. Or in general – on the water. Water starvation, by the way, puts the body in a mode of intensive cleansing and recovery. If anything – on the third day the appetite disappears altogether.

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4. Useful – cheaper
The healthiest foods tend to be the cheapest. Take carrots, for example. It costs mere pennies, and how many hearty and healthy dishes can be prepared from it – the same carrot cutlets. And the cabbage? And the potatoes? And offal? Yes, no frills, but if you try, you won’t be dragged by the ears.

5. Refusal from catering

This business lunch used to cost you bullshit. Today, for 300 rubles, you can buy a pound of chicken drumsticks, rice and vegetables – and cook pilaf, which will be enough for a whole week of harvesting. Yes, such lunches cannot be called varied, but you can endure a little, right?

6. Coffee in a thermos
The same goes for tea and coffee. Even the one in the machine turns into a money eater. But who prevents you from brewing coffee or tea at home in a thermos and carrying it with you? Don’t have a thermos? From the next salary, allocate money for the purchase – in the future, you will save thousands of rubles.

7. Sell excess

Surely there are things that are still nothing, but you no longer need. This could be clothes, an old smartphone, sunglasses, or some kind of furniture. List on specialized sites, set a low price and get some quick money.

8. Find a part-time job
Absolutely everyone can find a part-time job. Know how to write correctly – go to text exchanges. If you are fluent in foreign language – teach a couple of lessons. If you do not know how to do anything, clean someone’s apartment. If you wish, you can always find additional income.

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9. Have a little fun
Cafe, cinema, bowling, club – you will have to do without this, but depriving yourself of entertainment completely is not the case. Let’s reveal a secret: you can have fun for free. Firstly, these are walks in parks and other beautiful places (with tea or coffee in a thermos). Secondly, these are various exhibitions, film screenings and festivals with a hashtag for free, which can be found on the Internet. Finally, you can just read a book at home.

10. Something to change
If money is not enough with enviable regularity, sit down and think about what is wrong in your life. You may not know how to budget and live within your means. Or maybe there is so little money that there is not enough money even for the most basic necessities. In this case, learn how to earn them. Anyone can do this if they wish.

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