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Swimming pond

Swimming ponds (or, as they are also called, landscape pools) are a novelty on the landscape projects market.

The term “landscape swimming pond”, like the technology of its construction, came to us from Europe. The peculiarity of such a reservoir is that it contains several zones: functional, or swimming, made in the form of a classic pool, and decorative, regenerative, in a natural form, with aquatic plants, fountains and other decorations for the pond.

Artificial swimming pond

Artificial swimming ponds have long been widely used in Europe, especially in Germany and nature-loving Austria. As the experience of creating artificial ponds since the mid-1980s of the last century shows, they can serve as an excellent alternative to pools with chlorinated water, because their advantages include many environmental and economic indicators. Residents of these countries have long understood that no dead and chlorinated water can be better than the natural environment. In recent years, artificial swimming ponds have spread throughout Europe, including Switzerland, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Holland, Hungary, Czech Republic.

The leader in this direction is still pragmatic and economical Germany. Since 1996, public swimming and bathing ponds have been actively built in Germany. Existing pools are increasingly being converted into swimming ponds. In today’s Germany, the joy of bathing is increasingly associated with artificial or natural ponds. In recent years, there has been a real boom in swimming ponds, both in the private sector and in public places. Numerous societies invest in swimming ponds that are enthusiastically received by visitors.

Swimming pond

Public swimming pond in Germany

And just two decades ago, the attitude towards swimming ponds in Germany was rather wary. The ponds were considered to be insufficiently hygienic and dysfunctional. At the same time, the experience of operating similar ponds in Austria has shown that, provided that a closed, functioning water circulation is properly planned and constructed, swimming ponds give their owners great pleasure, which cannot be compared with ordinary pools.

About 30 years ago, the first private swimming pond with full biological treatment was built in Austria – as an intention to create an alternative to conventional chlorinated swimming pools. And initially this idea was assessed as insane, with minimal prospects for the future. Counter-arguments were: lack of a market, inadequate hygiene, lack of hope for clear water and long-term operation of large reservoirs.

The years have shown that artificial ponds are gradually replacing pools from suburban areas and occupy a worthy position in private gardens. They are gaining popularity in Russia as well. A plot with a living reservoir is not only beautiful, but also useful for all family members. Moreover, the cost of plots that have access to the water is very high, but here you have the opportunity to place a small beautiful lake on your site and enjoy swimming in it.

Swimming ponds have several advantages over conventional ponds, ornamental ponds and outdoor pools. The swimming pond actually combines the merits of all these structures. By building a swimming pond, you can get a landscape pond with beautiful plants, in which you can also swim.Swimming pond

It is believed that in our climate the use of the swimming pond is only possible during the summer months. This is not the case, the swimming pond does not need to be drained for the winter, unlike outdoor concrete pools. We can say with confidence that “off-season” swimming in such a pond will bring many benefits to your health and will bring many vivid sensations. Having made a hole in the pond, it can be used as a font after a bath or sauna. The frozen surface of the reservoir can also be used as a skating rink.

Another advantage of swimming ponds is simplicity and lower maintenance costs. For example, in swimming pools, a whole range of measures is needed to maintain the purity of the water, this is the installation of complex and expensive filters or devices for disinfecting water with expensive and obviously unhealthy chemicals for humans.

The water in the swimming pond will be as clean and transparent as in a natural lake. And this will be the water in which there will be life. The smallest inhabitants of such a reservoir – daphnia and cyclops – are the best indicators of high water quality. These small crustaceans are very sensitive to chemical and radioactive contamination and therefore can serve as indicator organisms for water purity.

There is no need to change the water and clean the pond, while it will look beautiful throughout the swimming season. Maintaining a clean swimming pond consists in pruning plants in spring or autumn and removing silt from the bottom of the swimming part. Nature will take care of the rest.

Of course, a modern swimming pond cannot do without technical means of water filtration. Their main role in such a reservoir is to maintain the circulation of water through natural “filters” that facilitate its purification. This is, first of all, a shallow water area with a substrate of pebbles or gravel and pond plants. Thus, the bath is a biological system controlled by technical means.

Swimming pond

Geometric Artificial Swimming Pond

As a rule, in the garden you can always find a place for a pond and many want it to be harmonious, comfortable and as close to nature as possible. A swimming pond can be built in any shape and configuration, fit into a small area, as well as placed on the territory of a large-scale estate. All kinds of devices and devices used in ordinary pools and reservoirs, such as fountains, geysers, lights, bridges, islands, etc., can be placed in swimming ponds.

The swimming area in the pond can be made comfortable and spacious for both adult bathers and small ones. The main thing is that it can be organized safely for people. The shallow areas can also be used as playgrounds. The area is shallow and warms up faster than the bathing area, helping to raise the overall water temperature of the reservoir.

If we talk about its cost, then it is comparable to the construction of a capital basin, but in the future during the operation the costs will be insignificant. published by econet.ru

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