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Tendon helmet: saving your face from wrinkles

To keep the skin of the face fresh, elastic, and not wrinkle like a baked apple, the mobility of the tendon helmet or the aponeurosis of the head should be restored. To do this, there are simple techniques that you can do yourself at home.

To understand what a tendon helmet is, imagine a tight pool cap that fits tightly over your head. A wide helmet-shaped tendon plate is located between the frontal and occipital bones. It is in close contact with the scalp, is attached in the area of ​​the temporal muscles, and there is a loose layer between it and the skull bone. This loose space in adolescence is mobile, but with age, it dries up, hardens and grows to the skull. The circulation of air and liquids in it is disturbed, which causes age-related changes, worsens health, skin condition and complexion.

Working with aponeurosis

Having revived the mobility of the tendon helmet, for many years you will be able not to worry about overhanging eyelids, “floating” facial contours, wrinkles and other signs of wilting… The frontal-occipital, temporal and ear muscles directly affect the condition and youthfulness of the face. For example, when you begin to pull the frontal-occipital muscle up, you can raise your eyebrows without wrinkling your forehead.

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Massage technique

All you have to do is gently and carefully pull yourself up by the hair for a few minutes. Start at the forehead. Run your fingers into your hair and massage your scalp with them. Movements should be vigorous, but not painful. After that, grab a strand and pull it in different directions, feeling the movement of the helmet under the skin. Gradually you will feel them. Go all over your head, including your temples.

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Tendon helmet: saving your face from wrinkles

The elastic and elastic frontal muscle will not allow the eyebrows to “slide” down, and will not allow the skin to hang over the eyelids, dropping the ends of the eyes. By controlling the frontal-occipital muscle, you will tighten the entire oval of the face. And the ear muscles, although they are recognized as rudimentary, are responsible for the sagging of the middle part of the face, so you need to learn to “wiggle” your ears. Working with the temporal muscles will not allow any crow’s feet or drooping eyebrows to appear on your face.

As a result, you will rejuvenate your face, reduce wrinkles, improve hair health and growth, get rid of edema and slow down aging.

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